“Audit the Legislature”, Rep. Moima Briggs Mensah Calls out

By: Laymah Kollie

Liberia: Bong County District # 6 Representative Moima Briggs-Mensah is calling for a full audit of the National Legislature.

Rep. Briggs Mensah is the Co-chair on International Affairs of the Women Legislative Caucus of Liberia, and Chairperson for the Bong County Legislative Caucus.

Her call comes following President Joseph Boakai’s State of Nation Address which he mentioned that Ministries and Agencies of Government will be audited during his regime in order to boost transparency and accountability in Liberia.

Appearing on Punch FM Breakfast show on Monday, Rep. Mensah stressed that most officials are using the term “audit” as a gateway to assuming high positions.

The Lawmaker urged the President to not only audit other functions of government but to also focus on the first branch of government.

“I wish they would even audit the House of Representatives, let the audit go across.
I support audit, people use the audit as a gateway for passage. Let’s put their feet to the fire”.

Madam Mensah further urged the President to be robust in his leadership as to deliver to the expectations of Liberians. “I want him to be robust”.

Meanwhile, on the aspect of fighting corruption in the public, Rep. Mensah thinks more needs to be done in addressing these issues affecting the public. She spoke about salary structure of duty bearers and the timeliness of payment.

“We need to review the salary structure, you say the police is corrupt but a police man is taking $75 and it can’t even come on time. At least let’s increase the police salaries and let it be on time”

The Legislature, as a first branch of government has never been audited since its establishment. The debate of auditing the Legislature has been a tending issue in the public with no clear acceptance from members of Houses to ensure it happens. Many believe that Rep. Briggs-Mensah call would yield fruits based on the current structure of the legislature.

Aside the non-compliance with auditing the Legislature, some lawmakers of this august body seem to have struggles with the adherence of a constitutional mandate to declare their Assets before taking on leadership.

The code of conduct mandates that any public official before taking office and every three years after taking office should declare his/his Assets to the public.

This portion of the law has been vigorously ignored by many of the August Body with only a few adhering to it.

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