Liberia-October 11, 2023: The Women NGO Secretariat of Liberia has extolled Liberians for their peaceful participation in the October 10, 2023, general and presidential election.

According to the Executive Director of WONGOSOL, Esther Davis Yango, the organization extends its gratitude to the Liberian people, most notably the women of Liberia, for turning out in significant numbers to vote during the October 10, 2023, General and Presidential Elections. Madam Yango noted that during these elections, they worked tirelessly in unity to exercise their civic and patriotic duty as required by the Constitution of Liberia.

The WONGOSOL leader made this statement on Wednesday in Monrovia.

“It’s commendable to see that Liberians were considerate of our values, regardless of our political, social, and religious affiliations,” she added.

She stressed that the ability of Liberians to work, reason, and commiserate with each other signifies their strength and resilience as a people.

“As we continue to process the election results in different ways, I want to remind us that the NEC is the only body with the authority to announce the official results,” Madam Yango said.

“Let us be aware that every election has winners and losers. I understand the full spectrum of our country’s political views and am cognizant that Liberians are concerned about what this election means for themselves, their families, and the nation at large. There are also those who genuinely see this election as a moment of positive change for our country. Whatever our political interests are, together, we can make Liberia a better place for all,” she emphasized.

According to her, now that the election is over, despite our differences, she is calling on Liberians to respect the election results and deliberate on what role they want to play in their country’s next chapter.

“I hope we will take this opportunity to come together with one voice and focus on our strengths and aspirations and how we can best support each other,” she asserted.

Madam maintained that already, they are witnessing that most Liberians are engaging in thoughtful conversations about the election results and their hopes for the nation.

She commended all Liberian women who contested in this election, noting that the organization is proud of them, and they are all winners.

She then expressed thanks and appreciation once again for Liberian women’s devotion to the process and looks forward to receiving the official results from the National Elections Commission (NEC

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