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Barclayville, Grand Kru, September 11, 2020-WTVNEWS: Reports from Wedabo District, Grand Kru County says traditional Leaders have allegedly flogged and tied a 49-year woman over witchcraft allegation.

The incident comes barely a few days after three (3) pastors and several others were beaten by community members over the forceful acceptance of salvation at separate locations in the county.

According to our reporter, twelve( 12 )persons have been arrested and detained at the Barclayville Police station currently undergoing police investigations for their alleged inhumane act toward the woman whom they accused of the witch in Wedabo District, Grand Kru County.

According to the survivor, Bessie karyepo during police preliminary investigations that she and Ezekiel Wallance, age 60 were accused of witchcraft activities by traditional leaders.

Bassie and Ezekiel told police investigators that they were severely flogged and tie after been accused of Witchcraft with instructions from the tribal authorities.

“After the town people accused us, they fined us goat, cane juice and the balance was rice, pepper, and others which I was already in readiness to get before I was flogged and tied under the blazing sun”, Madam Karyepo told police authorities.

The incident took place in Kweliken town on Tuesday, September 8,2020 in Wedabo District, electoral District #1.
Those arrested and undergoing police investigations are, Harris Tollah, Pearson sieh, Sackor Gray prime suspects, and (😎 eight other suspects.

It can be recalled recently that three Pastors of the Satiken Joint Christian Fellowship Church were severely flogged by some youths and elders of Parluken, Forpoh Statutory District in Grand Kru County for preaching salvation messages to citizens.

In July 2020, a 72-year-old woman, Madam Susannah Quire was physically assaulted in various forms, resulting in injuries in her private parts in Patty Garraway of electoral district #1 by an angry mob who accused them of being involved in witchcraft activities.

Earlier in May 2020, a 65-year-old woman accused of witchcraft in Gbeta Picnicess Administrative district was tortured and buried alive by the community youths in the area.

Several citizens, including some local authorities, have condemned the act and want Justice to be served without fear or favor amid the rapid increase of mob violence and other forms of the traditional justice system in Grand Kru.

Southeastern Liberia is becoming a place of torture and a place of Jungle Justice, despite sassy wood and all forms of torture have been banned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs but yet still Southeasterners are governing themselves.

Grand Kru and other counties in the Southeast are on record of always torturing people they believed are alleged witches. In September of 2019, three men were slaughtered in the middle of a town in Barrobo, Maryland County, and in 2018, three women were stripped naked and paraded over witchcraft allegations resulting in the death of one of the women who was secretly buried.

Meanwhile, police investigation continues in the case of the 49 years old woman along with others.

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