“We Will Source USD$150Million for JFK and Tappita Hospital in the First 90days” Presidential Candidate Clarence Moniba Promises If…..

Paynesville -August 29, 2023-WTVNEWS: Presidential Candidate Clarence Moniba of the Liberia National Union (LINU) has promised to raised the amount of one hundred and fifty million United States Dollars to improve medical facilities at the John F Kenney hospital and Tapita hospital in Nimba County in his first ninety (90) days if elected president of Liberia in the October Polls.

In an exclusive Interview with team of Journalists in the ELWA community on 29th August 2023 , candidate Moniba stressed the importance of health care for Liberians and as such, he will make sure to secure and source funds to upgrade these facilities as a means of providing better healthcare for citizens.

“We want to in the first 90days identify and ensure that we will source 150million for JFK and Tapita hospital, we have to change our health care system . We have to make sure that Liberians don’t have to go to Ghana, India and Europe before they get proper medical treatment. So the idea will be like go out to the world, make sure and secure that money so we can start immediately transforming both JFK hospital and Tapita hospital” he said.

Speaking on improvement of the economy, Mr. Moniba told reporters that if elected, his government will create an avenue of “visa on arrival “ where citizens can get Liberian visa any part of the world.
“Another thing is visa on arrival. We have to be able to open the economy in Liberia, we need to attract foreign direct investors. Liberia doesn’t have that many active embassies around the world that give visa so what we want to do is to ensure that anybody around the world wants to visit for tours , visit Liberia for investment, they can do it with ease.”

The LINU Standard Bearer then promise to ensure accountability and transparency during his here. He believes that past regime has not been able to hold people accountable for their actions and it serves as point of public officials to continue malpractices at job site.
“We will ensure that people go to jail, we will ensure people are accountable for their action, for corruption, rape. We have to hold people accountable for everything. There is no accountability for rape, corruption etc.”

According to Moniba it’s time for the young people to be represented at the higher level.
“ I hope they see my competent and vote me in the elections. It’s time to represent the young people. I always tell people don’t pray for me to become President, pray for Liberia to get good leader”

Clarence Moniba is a professional American football player in the Arena League from 2001 to 2004. He is the son of Liberia former Vice President during President Samuel K Doe regime Mr. Harry Moniba.

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