“WE WILL DELIVER ON OUR PLAN” CBL Governor Tarlue Asserts

By Legislative Corespondent

Capitol Hill: Central Bank of Liberia Governor, J. Aloysious Tarlue has assured the Liberian Senate of it’s commitment to delivering on the deadline for printing of the legacy banknotes. Governor Tarlue indicated that the deadline is authentic and will be dependable.

He spoke recently during an Ad-HOC Committee meeting. Governor Tarlue said the bank has concluded the design and printing of the new banknotes with the GND Company based in Germany.

The AD-HOC Committee quotes Governor Tarlue as saying that the denominations to be printed are L$1000, L$100, L$50 and L$20 and they are expected to arrive in the country between September-December 2022.

The Central Bank of Liberia also said it is making negotiation with Royal Mint to value the old coins retained at the CBL vault in order to determine the charge for printing new coins in the denominations of L$5 and L$10, which will also be delivered to the country during the same period.

Meanwhile, the AD-HOC Committee is calling on the CBL to send its implementation plan, which includes the cutoff point and infusion of the new banknotes into the Liberian market to the President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate through the Committee on Banking and Currency.

Recently, Senate Protemp Albert T. Chie constituted an AD-HOC Committee, headed by Senator Jeremiah Koung of Nimba County to probe matters regarding the status of the printing of new family of Liberian Dollar Banknotes.

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