“We Care About our people’s Health”, Miss Margibi Embarks On Cleaning up Kakata

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper
Gmail: jeremiahcooper105@gmail.com

Kakata,Margibi: Her Royal Highness Yvette Earley, Queen of Margibi County has begun a major cleaning up exercise in Kakata, Margibi County in an effort to provide the city a facelift.

Speaking to Women’s TV Liberia over the weekend in Kakata City, Miss Earley noted that the exercise is intended to give the city a face lift ahead of the National County Sports Meet, of which Margibi County is serving as host of the group stage for the sporting event.

The National County Sports Meet is a national sporting festival that brings together the fifteen counties of Liberia through a competitive sporting activities.

According to Miss Margibi, the clean city exercise will decorate the county’s capitai and help promote health sanitation practices.

Additionally, she has vowed to remain engaged with the exercise even beyond the sporting even in the county.

“It is a great feeling to contribute to my county. We have emback on this and we have decided to clean up Kakata so that our people can breath freely”, she added.

“We believe that health is life, so it is important to keep our city clean. This is one of my projects as Queen of this great County” Miss Earley stressed.

Liberia, a post war nation is heavily challanged in controlling the number of waste in major cities across the country, with majority of the country’s population living in unhealthy surrounding.

In October 2021, the head of the European Union Mission to Liberia, Laurent Delahouse said that the Liberia capital Monrovia is dirty and disgusting after the pouring in of donors’ aid to clean up the city.

The Margibi County Queen Clean City intiative will not only affect Kakata but will help in shaping the mindset of Liberian youths to engage in finding solutions to challages comforting the Liberian society.

The youthful Queen quest for a better and healthy society is a testament of Women’s ability of providing solutions to issues along with their male counterpart.

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