Violent Storm Ravages Kakata, Leaving Several Homeless

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper

Kakata, Margibi – A recent violent storm has ravaged the City of Kakata, Margibi County’s capital, leaving several people displaced and homeless.

The storm, which struck with unexpected ferocity over the weekend, led to frustration in the city, due to significant damage to homes and infrastructure.

The storm brought intense winds and heavy rainfall, which battered Kakata for several hours. Trees were uprooted, roofs torn off houses, and power lines toppled, leaving many communities and neighborhoods into darkness.

“It was terrifying. The wind was very strong, and the rain was coming down so hard. We had no time,” Mary Tokpah, a victim said.

Victims of the storm have expressed frustration over the damaged made on their homes.

They are calling on the government of Liberia and well meaning individuals to come to their aid as they try to rebuild their houses.

As they begin the process of rebuilding their lives, they do so with the hope that their community will come together to support one another in this difficult time.

The full extent of the damage caused by the storm is still being determined, but it is clear that the road to recovery will be a long and challenging one for the people of Kakata.

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