“Uphold the Legacy of OKFM”, FEJAL President Tells Fan Club at Induction Ceremony

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia-April 21,2024-: The President of the Female Journalist Association of Liberia (FeJAL) Madam Lisa Diasay, over the weekend urged members of the OKFM Fan Club to immensely work in upholding the Legacy and integrity of the Institution, OK FM Liberia. The media house is one of the most and widely listened to radio stations in Liberia.

Serving as Keynote speaker for the group’s induction ceremony, Madam Diasay highlighted the pivotal role radio continues to play in ensuring access to information and citizens’ participation in decision making over the years.

According to her, Radio has always been more than just a means of entertainment; but yet a lifeline for communities, a conduit for information, and a catalyst for change.

She stressed that in Liberia where access to reliable information is crucial, OK FM stands as a beacon of truth, reaching millions of citizens and shaping the discourse of our nation.

“Together, let us embark on this journey with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Let us work tirelessly to uphold the legacy of OK FM and to ensure that its impact continues to resonate far and wide across our beloved Liberia”.

The FEJAL President also mentioned the significance Fan Clubs are adding to Radio Stations around the world; while cautioning them to serve as ambassadors for OKAY FM.

“As we gather here to celebrate the inauguration of new leaders within the OK FM fan club, it’s important to recognize the invaluable contributions that radio station fan clubs make around the world. These fan clubs serve as ambassadors for their respective stations, rallying support, fostering engagement, and amplifying the station’s message far and wide, “their impact extends beyond mere promotion. Fan clubs have the power to cultivate a sense of belonging and community among listeners, creating a space where individuals can come together to share their passion for radio and exchange ideas. They serve as a bridge between the station and its audience, providing valuable feedback, insights, and support that contribute to the station’s growth and success”.

She further admonished the new and inducted leaders to exhibit integrity, foster connections, advocate for the station and contribute to the entity through feedback and other meaningful measures.

Those inducted into offices are: Bendu M Dunor-President, Emmanuel J Trueh-Vice President, Nathan Tucker Jr. General Secretary, T Samuel McGill-Financial Secretary and Josephine M. Thomas Treasurer.

However, madam Bendu M. Dunor, newly inducted President of the Fans Club of OKFM outlined that as part of her leadership and commitment, she named the establishment of sub-chapters of the fans club in other areas, capacity building opportunities for members, among others.

“Our government will work to promote and expand the fans of OKFM by establishing sub-chapters in other areas where the OKFM radio signal is available. During our tenure, we will seek every means and opportunity available to help develop the capabilities of members of the fans of OKFM through workshops and training programs.”

Madam Dunor in her inaugural address mentioned creation of an official Facebook page for the club, creating online application forms for members around the world etc.

“In the next 100 days of our administration, the fans of OKFM will create an official Facebook page to post our activities there. The fans of OKFM Fans Club application form will be available online for easy access”she said.

Meanwhile Mr. Clarence Jackson, General Manager of OKFM appreciated the fans club for the support while urging them to keep upholding integrity and transparency.

The OKFM Fans Club was established in 2019 by followers of the station to bridge the gap between citizens who access information with the radio station.

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