The Last Bus Stop”? Liberian Women Calls For The Arrest Of Nayapougma Yeazeahn Popularly Known As Prophet Key

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper

Liberia: Several Liberian Women have staged a protest demanding the arrest of a Liberian social media talk show host based in Morocco, Nayapougma Yeazeahn popularly known as Prophet Key.

On Monday, February 19, 2024, the women gathered at the Supreme Court of Liberia in Monrovia to call for the arrest and prosecution of Prophet Key for his alleged consistent insults against Liberian women during his live Facebook broadcast.

According to the Women, the continuous insults rained on them by the social media Talk Show Host is undermining the respect for women in the Liberian society.

The angry protesters were seen with placards calling on the attention of the government to bring back dignity and sanity to the women’s community of Liberia by making sure that women’s rights violators faced the full weight of the law.

In a sad tone, they narrated that if this is not corrected now it will creep into the future generations of the country; thereby leaving women more vulnerable.

“If you insult a woman, it means that you are insulting all women. It is our right to support all women insulted by this man. We condemned the act of Prophet Key and we want for him to face the full weight of the law for disrespecting us” Madam Mariyama Sheriff added.

“This is unacceptable, why will this man continue to insult women? He will go on Facebook just to be telling us how we look. Let the government arrest this man let him know that women need to be treated with respect” Annie Kollie stressed.

Nayapougma Yeazeahn who is based in Morocco is facing a US$5 Million lawsuit filed by Liberia Culture Ambassador Madam Juli Endee for criminal coercion, menacing and disorderly conduct.

The lawsuit was filed after Prophet Key in his live Facebook broadcast said that the Liberian Cultural Ambassador was involved in sex for job with former Liberian Presidents and Unity Party Secretary-General to maintain her position.

Aside from this, Yeazeahn is allegedly noted for constantly insulting women during his show.

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