TalkShow Host T-Max Jlateh Alarms over Death Threat

By: Staff Writer

Liberia-October 19, 2020-WTVNEWS: Famous Veteran TalkShow Host T-Max Jlateh has alarmed that his life has been threatened by top government operatives.

The SKY FM famous 50-50 host mentioned on his show that he had over the last few days noticed unknown men tailing his movements both during the night and day.

“This is becoming scaring” he added. T-Max mentioned that his life is a stake at the moment with series of threatening messages and signs. “My life is in danger currently because unknown men are following me daily so I am not safe, if anything happens to me this government should be blamed”, he stated.

It is not established as to why the government of Liberia would be after the life of the famous TalkShow Host, but political pundits believe that T-Max and other vocal TalkShow Hosts from OK FM and Power FM among others are targets of the government’s assumed death squad.

The Government of Liberia is yet to officially respond to the allegation.

Pundits guarantee that the government’s latest move to silence vocal and tough analysts especially Journalists will reunite the general population with the government.

Many persons are feeling unsafe with the current wave of suspicions surrounding the deaths of the Liberia Revenue Authority Staffs and the head of the Internal Audit Agency.

Government is yet to apprehend the culprits and expose those who may have reportedly carry-on such acts. Families of the deceased have been alarmed over the lack of trust in the government to conduct an Autopsy of their loved ones.

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