Senator McGill Grades UP Government “Negative Zero” in Hundred Days Performance; Warns President Boakai against Claiming Glory of WCCC Establishment in Liberia

By: Matalay Kollie, Bong County correspondent,

GBARNGA-May 11, 2024: Margibi County Senator Nathaniel McGill has graded the Unity Party Government “zero” in its first hundred (100) days deliverables.

Sen. McGill, in his statement, stressed the Boakai Administration decimally performed in the short period of time.

McGill in a live Radio appearance on Saturday, May 11, 2024, in Gbarnga, Bong County said the President is yet to fully meet the expectation of Liberians as they were given hope during the 2023 general elections.

Senator McGill named the increase in prices of essential commodities, ranging from Rice to Gasoline in Liberia, the alleged internal fights within the Unity Party government, the many missteps in President Boakai’s appointments, and the violation of tenure laws amongst others as key areas that the Liberian leader has failed in its Hundred Days deliverables.

The Margibi County Senator further added that the current rehabilitation of roads by the Unity Party government is not in the best interest of the country on grounds that most of the roads under rehabilitation will be greatly damaged in the pending Rainy Season.

Meanwhile, the former CDC Prime Minister has cautioned President Boakai against claiming glory for the passage of the War and Economy Crimes Court Resolution.

According to the former State Minister, the passage of the resolution that supports the establishment of the War and Economy Crimes Court in Liberia was initiated by the members of the Liberian Legislature, as such; President Boakai and his supporters should stop boasting of being the ones that brought about the establishment of the Court in Liberia.

“The president never did it on his volution, the President did it based on the resolution from the Legislature, so Boakai didn’t get up and sign it. It was done by members of the Legislature who told Boakai that he must sign the Executive order so Boakai can’t take glory for it, it’s the Legislature that should be taking glory for the establishment of the War and Economy Crimes Court in Liberia.” Senator McGill added.

Moreover, the Margibi County Senator then attributed his support for the establishment of the War and Economy Crimes Court in Liberia to his willingness to face justice for economic crimes leveled against him by the United States Government.

He added that when the Court is established in Liberia, individuals accused of corruption and crimes against humanity will face Justice to asonorate themselves in the court of law so that the culture of impunity will come to an end in Liberia.

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