River Gee Wins Group Stage of National County Meet

By: Albert Fania

Liberia: Group A hosting River Gee has etched their names in the history books by securing a spot in the quarterfinals as group winners in both the kickball and football categories.

This achievement marks the first time since the inception of the competition in 1956 that the southeastern county has progressed to the knockout round as winners of their respective groups.

The kickball team of River Gee proved to be unstoppable, triumphing over all their opponents in the group stage. With a perfect record of three wins, they showcased their dominance and skill as they sailed into the next round with ease. The team’s cohesive gameplay and strategic maneuvers left their rivals in awe.

Similarly, the football team of River Gee displayed their prowess on the field, winning two out of three matches and drawing one. The team’s solid defense and swift counter-attacks were key factors in their success. Unbeaten in the group stage, they demonstrated their ability to adapt to different opponents and emerged victorious when it mattered most.

Joining River Gee as qualifiers from Group A is Grand Gedeh, who also secured their place in the knockout round with their impressive performances in both kickball and football as they overcame tough competition from Sinoe and Maryland.

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