Rep. Ellen Attoh Rally Plenary To Support President Boakai’s Fight Against Drugs

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper

Capitol Hill-January 29, 2024: Margibi County District 3 Representative Ellen Attoh is calling on Members of the House of Representatives to enact legislations that will intensify the fight against illicit-drugs in the country.

Hon. Attoh made the call through a communication sent to the house plenary on Tuesday 30 January 2024.

She emphasized that “This Legislature, I believe should support the President in every way necessary to ensure that his agenda to fight drug trafficking and abuse is met. In the 54th Legislature, we became the co-sponsor of a landmark bill that got enacted into law and today known as the Amended Drug Law upon which H.E. Joseph Nyumah Boakai has premised his fight”.

According to the Margibi lone female lawmaker, the use of illicit-drugs and substances by high number of Liberia’s youthful population continue to serve as a generation’s greatest menace.

Hon. Attoh furthered stressed that on a daily basis, protential young men and women continues to fall prey to drug and substance addiction thus creating not only a burden but existential threats to the Liberian society.

“Dear Hon. Speaker, in adherence to article 58 of the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, the President appeared before the bi-camera Legislature to report on the state of affairs, detailing income and expenditure while at the same time laying bare his legislative plan for the ensuing year. Interestingly, I would like to specifically emphasize his mention of the drug epidemic which has emerged as this generation’s greatest menace, affecting potential young men and women who have fallen prey to drug addiction thus becoming not only a burden, but existential threats to society”, she added.

To compact the use of illicit drugs in the country, Representative Attoh Wreh wants the plenary of the House of Representatives to establish a Multisectorial Steering Committee comprising of Ministries and Agencies of Government.

The Margibi County District #3 Lawmaker narrated that when the committee is established, it will focus on rehabilitation, reintegration and get the 55th Legislature directly invole in tackling the use of drugs and substance abuse in Liberia

“Honorable Speaker, I strongly hold the belief that establishing such committee will go a long way in providing effective oversight of the Multisectorial Steering Committee that has been established by the President with a direct mandate to fight against drug use and abuse, which could potentially enhance a positive result in the end.
I am therefore looking forward to Planery’s endorsement of this proposal, as I have not a scintilla of doubt that this august-body will do everything legally necessary to ensure public safety” she stated.

On Monday, President Joseph Boakai in his first State of the Nation Address declared Drugs and Substance abuse across the country as national public health emergency.

The Liberian Leader used the medium to call on Liberians to unite in the fight against illicit-drugs.

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