“President Weah Does Not Care for the Liberian People” Cummings Condemns Weah’s Presidency

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper

Liberia-May 2, 2023: Ahead of the October 10, 2023, presidential and legislative elections, Presidential hopeful of the Collaborating Political Party – CPP, Alexander B. Cummings has expressed frustration over the state of affairs and the failure of the Weah-led government to better the lives of the Liberian people.

Speaking during a press conference Monday, May 1, 2023 at the headquarters of the Collaborating Political Party in Monrovia, Cummings said majority of Liberia’s population are living in poverty, while millions of dollars are donated annually to the Liberian government by donors and the International communities.

The CPP standard Bearer accused President Weah of imposing hardship and huge suffering on the masses by the government’s rampant corruption and public officials amassing huge wealth.

Cummings Used the occasion to call on Liberians to reject the Weah presidency in October during the elections to ensure an end to their sufferings.

Cummings was fast to note that every sector of the country is engulfed in corruption and lawlessness due to the lack of proper governance from the current head of state, Pres. George Weah.

“Things in our country are only getting worse, hardship is everywhere. In President Weah’s six years, we have seen the prices of food, gasoline, and fuel oil go up. We have seen rice shortage and high joblessness, especially for our youths. We have seen a high death rate from preventable diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria, among others. We have a president who does not care; and does not care that too many Liberians are suffering”, Cummings added.

He at the same time called on President George Weah to apologise to Liberians for misleading the country and the people of Liberia. Alexander Cummings however frowned at the Legislative branch of government for not being able to live up to its Constitutional responsibilities.

According to him, the legislature is not seeking the interest of ordinary Liberians but after what they will earn as lawmakers.

“The Legislature is failing are to exercise their responsibilities. Those who should be stopping drug trafficking are the ones facilitating and protecting those bringing drugs in our country and selling it in our communities. Some of the new drugs are so dangerous that many of our youths have begun to die.
President Weah does not care. If president Weah has any shame and respect as the president, he will tell the Liberian people sorry, he will sack the ministers who are responsible for the wickedness against our people and the president himself will resign”, Cummings asserted.

Cummings assertion comes following a week after US Ambassador blasted government for its failure to properly account for funding allotted to public sector including health centers and service centers among others. US Ambassador McCarthy frowned on the Legislature for allotting hugely to themselves and forgetting their oversight responsibilities of disbursement of allotment to the people especially in the hinterland.

Mccarthy claimed that the elites in Monrovia is impoverishing Liberians in the hinterland based on the lack accountability of funds.

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