“POSITIVITY IN THE WORKPLACE” Dr. McIntosh Admonishes AMEU 1st Postgraduate Professionals

By: Jerromie S. Walters

Camp Johnson Road, Liberia:Liberia’s former Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Toga Gayewea McIntosh has echoed the significance of positive attitude at workplaces as he believes it is a cardinal pillar for a greater work performance.

He made the statement recently when he served as guest speaker of the first graduation ceremony of African Methodist Episcopal University Postgraduate Professional Training Program in Monrovia. Forty six (46) professionals graduated with diploma in different disciplines including project management, public procurement among other others.

Speaking on the theme “Positivity in the work placethe employees side of the equation”, Dr. McIntosh stressed the essence of positivity in a workplace, noting that it often leads to success, while it also serves as a genuine moral lesson for other coworkers to confine in if it’s exhibited at a workplace.

He believes as an employer and its management has a critical role to play to enhance employees engagements, to ensure better performance, it is also the responsibility of the employees to enhance his or her engagements to ensuring a better performance in a workplace.

Pressing further, Dr. Mcintosh
urged the graduates to exhibit positive attitudes by strengthening their inter personal relationship with their employers, thereby encouraging the importance of teamwork which also improve an employees job performance and ability. “To be effective, your actions must be marked by trust, nurture regard, and active engagement between employers and employees,” he said.

He commended the University’s administration for instituting the initiative, and further thanked the graduates for what he termed as their willingness to become practical participants in the world of work. “For when you put up your garment of positive attitude in the workplace, you will be bless with many benefits to the personal and professional life”.

However, the President of the AME University, Rev. Dr. Alvin E. Attah intrinsically cautioned graduates of the Human Resource Management Department, and that of those with paramount interested in venturing into jobs that deals with human relations, customer service, to exhibit their best behavior and the ability of tolerance as stressed by the Keynote Speaker.

“I an happy that after about two years of back and forth, today I’m attending for the first time, the graduation ceremony of several professionals that have been training in different areas , Human Resources management, public procurement and several areas, that they will be going out there to strengthen the workforce of Liberia.”

Rev. Dr. Attah at the same time, thanked the graduates for the commitment and dedication exhibited during the course of the training, in ensuring that they are adequately equipped for the job market.

For his part, the President of the graduating class T. Benjamin Myers, admonished his fellow graduates to exercise and practice positive attitude as elaborated by the Guest Speaker, as it is the fundamental tool in achieving positive goals.

“We should not leave from here thinking that we are subject matters experts, as it requires the demonstration of positive attitude to exercise or actualize the knowledge acquired at the institution,” he lamented.

Myers further acclaimed the institution for strategizing the initiative and opening its doors to enable them acquire valuable knowledge.

At the same time, the Head of the Center for Professional Development at the AME University, Mr. Varmah Bobby Gray pronounced that registration for the next batch of the program is ongoing, while classes will officially kickstart on May 30, 2022.

However, Mr. Gray extended applauds to the university’s administration and the students for the nurtured corporation in keeping the program effective and to it best.

The Center for Professional Development, is a unique department at the AME University that provides postgraduate professional training programs. It prepares and supports professionals to explore their career options through hands on exercises and practical demonstrations with about seven (7) professional courses.

The Department currently provides professional training in Human Resource Planning and Development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Procurement, Logistic and Supply Chain Management, Project Planning and Management, Public Finance and Budgeting, and Public Sector and Policy Management.

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