POLICE INVESTIGATES RAPE PERPETRATOR FAMILY For purposefully Negotiating Alleged Rape case

LIBERIA-WTVNEWS: Rape has become a national menace which is continuously taking place in every part of the country with reports of compromise.

Six (6) family members of an alleged rape Perpetrator was forwarded to Police Friday for prosecution over their involvement of comprising the rape involving their son (Abraham Peter Alex) and a 21yr old girl.

Medical report revealed that the 21yrs old was drugged, rape and sodomized with reddish, swollen anus and bruises, a condition, Medical authority say needs proper care.

The 21yrs old told Gender Ministry team and Police that her aunty fiance Alex alleged raped and sodomized her and that he was set free on bail at a local police station in Johnsonville.

As if Rape is not a crime against the state, Family members (six persons) of Abraham Peter Alex walked into the offices of the head of Operations of the Anti Sexual Gender Base Violence Road Map,Madam Maminah Carr Gaye to bribe their relative way from Justice.

Assistant Gender Minister for Children Min. Carr-Gaye indicated in a recording that the action of the family is cruel as the pain on the Survivor is not worth the bribe.

The six family members of Abraham Peter Alex offered Min. Carr-Gaye a token of US$1,000 as bribe to cover up the case and opt for settlement outside of the law.

“Your get out of my office and let’s proceed to the police station since your feel $1000US can bring the life of the girl to normal especially with the pain she is going thru then your want to come give money. This case will be the precedence case and we’ll prove to everyone that Rape is a national emergency”, Min. Carr-Gaye said in the recording.

She emphasized that the family members of Alex were being recorded for the records to ensure their deeds are exposed and recorded.

Min. Carr-Gaye expressed disappointment over what she termed as hypocrisy on some women Advocate who had accompanied the family members to compromise a rape case.

“I am really surprised that your can be the same people doing women O women but you’re here at my office to comprise a rape case”, Min Carr-Gaye noted without mentioning the women Advocate (s).

The six family members (all women) were forwarded to the Liberia National Police (LNP) for their involvement in compromising a rape case.

However, in the face of the bribe Allegation, the alleged Perpetrator is currently on the run as authorities of Gender Ministry and the Police have vowed to search for him and ensure Justice prevail.

As part of the SGBV taskforce, Min. Carr-Gaye and her team are rigorously in communities rescuing children from abuses, and other forms of violence against women and children. The 21yrs case is apart of several cases that have reached the roadmap call center for rescue.

The SGBV taskforce came as a result of the National Gender roadmap conference in which Rape was declared a National emergency.

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