“PLEASE SAVE MY SON’s LIFE”-Journalist Lewis E.B Konoe Makes SoS Call

Monrovia-May 27, 2021-WTVNEWS: Liberian Journalist Lewis E.B Konoe is seeking urgent financial assistance locally and internationally to have his oldest son Saryor get urgent international medical attention.Saryor, a Senior student at the University of Liberia is currently suffering from liver infection and need urgent international medical care to save his life. Saryor is also a 2012 graduate of the Sotiamon Christian School in Sinkor, Monrovia.Currently, according to medical reports from ELWA, John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital (JFK), Ever-Living and Neo-Life medical centers, Saryor is suffering from liver infection which has caused his stomach to be swollen resulting to continuous pain daily in the stomach and the back.ELWA medical report states that Saryor has cancer affecting his liver resulting to the swollen stomach and regular pain daily mainly in his back. The ELWA medical report also mentioned that he has Hepatitis B affecting the liver. JFK did a medical check twice and confirmed that he has Hepatitis B.Neo-Life medical report points out Hepatitis B and huge amount of grease (fats) around his liver and Forever Living Mentioned Fatty Liver also to mention Hepatitis B.Journalist Konoe who is now the Communications Director at the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority, (NaFAA) is quoted as saying ‘from all indications the need to have Saryor seek urgent international medical treatment is clearly seen as his condition worsen daily. Konoe cried that his son Saryor “doesn’t sleep at night and the pain is ever increasing leaving his mon, brothers and sisters, and I with no other alternative but to join in his agony during night hours”.Director Konoe further mentioned in tears that ‘Saryor medical situation was noticed after he was sent to the Omega Community Clinic in March 2021 when he complained of feeling malaria symptoms. There following a lab test it was discovered that he has Hepatitis B and was recommended to ELWA after previous rounds of Hepatitis B test one at JFK earlier in 2020 before his condition became worse to date.Konoe explained that Saryor in March of this year started to notice a little pointed growth internally, this he said claimed his parent’s immediate attention as he was sent to the Omega Community Clinic for another round of checkup.He is also quoted as saying “it is so painful to witness your son in his mid-twenties dying or knowing that he is at the verge of death going through all day pain highly difficult to control as there is no pain killer to calm the situation”. Sayor’s mother shouted in tears “Oh my husband and I are also dying slowly my people, please save my son’s life he is dying in our hands, right in the home!”.The NaFAA Communications Director concluded that his family can be reached through cell number 0886-232-522, 0777-201-667, 077-00-39-589 or through daylight522003@yahoo.com.@Courtesy NIMBA TV

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