By: Jerromie S. Walters

Capitol Hill, Monrovia Liberia: June 7, 2022, WTVNEWS: One of the leading campus based STUDENTS’ groups have threatened to disrupt other Institutions of learning if the University of Liberia does not open on the previous set date.

The Administration of UL closed classes based on protestations to recondition all of the campuses before resuming classes. Predicated upon that, the UL ADMINISTRATION President recently disclosed that based on Technicians advise for the ongoing rehabilitation work on campus, the opening of classes have been postponed to June 27, 2022 instead of June 6, 2022.

The Students Unification Party (SUP) took aback at the UL Administration President’s statement and vowed to disrupt other Institutions if the school doesn’t open. They mandated the school’s Administration to effective immediately open classes to afford students the opportunity to learn and not leave behind as other schools are ahead of the academic curriculum.

“We want to inform Pres. George Weah and Dr. Nelson, that the pepper and bitter boils sellers’ children will not be sitting home while family members and children of state looters and exploiters as well as professional students continue to have access to their various campuses. This we can assure state looters,” SUP Chairman Mustapha N. Kanneh noted.

Addressing a news conference on Monday June 6, 2022, SUP Chairman Kanneh characterized the circumstances as unjust and unfair to the undergraduate
school at the university, as such, they will remain relentless in ensuring that classes commence effectively or there be no school for other institutions as well.

“SUP wants to categorically state that we are flabbergasted with the continuous rescheduling of the resumption of classes and will not continue to accept the rescheduling of the reopening of school beyond June 27, 2022,” Kanneh asserted.

However, SUP claimed that the suspension of classes at the state run university, is a concocted plan to deliberately deny the Liberian peoples’ children their rights to education while the children of state looters and scoundrels continue to have unhindered access to their private institutions.

“SUP believes that government of Liberia is deliberately refusing to expedite funds for the renovation of the University due to a diabolical political ploy to keep the Vanguard party and other critical voices at the University silent as we move towards 2023 General and Presidential elections while Rev. Nelson is being used as a peeping Tom in aiding and abetting this wickedly motivated plot. The Vanguard Party will move into action if the government refuses to shoulder her obligation in order to fast-strike the University’s Renovation Process,” He further stated.

During a media engagement over the weekend, the President of the University of Liberia Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson, announced considering the current status of the renovation, Graduation will take place next year March 2023 instead of December 2022 as expected.

Howbeit, the pronouncement by Dr Julius Nelson appears irritating to hundreds of his students, including the Student Unification Party (SUP), which they think is unnecessary, and of no essence especially considering the administration’s failure to adhere to it’s previous duration.

But as provided by Dr Nelson, his decision was based on consultations with engineers and technicians, especially given the extent of the work yet completed, an additional three weeks is needed to complete the first phase of the renovation.

The first phase covers key facilities at the UL Capitol Hill campus, including the rehabilitation of restrooms, drilling of boreholes and the erection of water towers for the supply of water in various restrooms, and various plumbing works.

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