Missing Child Discovered Dead in Open 5-feet Sand-mining Pit in Bong

By: Matalay Kollie, Bong County correspondent

Gbarnga, Feburay 8, 2024: The lifeless and almost decayed body of 9-year-old Moses T. K. Vesselee, Jr. was on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 discovered paddling in a sand-mining pit around the Jor River in the Rubber Factory Community in Gbarnga.

The deceased went missing during the afternoon hours of Sunday, February 4, 2024, when he, along with his parents and some Church members had gone to dig sand at the bank of the Jor River in Gbarnga.

After his mysterious disappearance, a manhunt was launched by the Liberian National Police, Bong Detachment, in collaboration with community authorities of Rubber Factory.

Following a robust search for three days, little Moses T. K. Vesselee, Jr. was found dead in a 5ft depth sand-mining pit along the Jor River.

After the discovery of his lifeless body, a 15-man jury, including a medical Doctor was constituted to conduct a physical examination of the body. The jurors-including family members, after their critical examination reported that there was no foul played; thus concluding that little Moses T. K. Vesselee Jr. died as a result of “DROWNING”.

Family members however accepted the jurors’ report but said they observed that there was a blood flow from the left elbow of the deceased, also adding that 85% of his body was pealed.

But, briefing news men following the above-mentioned processes, the Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Liberian National Police, Bong Detachment, Inspector J. Kellenso Flomo called on parents and guidance of little Moses (deceased) to make themselves available for CSD investigation on what he termed as “Negligence Homicide”.

Police Superintendent Flomo told reporters that the families will have to explain to the police on how the child left the home even before getting drowned. He further said it was negligence on the part of the guardians of little Moses to have let him go missing, thus saying the families must answer some investigative questions.

Moreover, the remains of little Moses T. K. Vesselee Jr has since been buried.

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