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MONROVIA, LIBERIA: The Liberia National Bar Association has termed as ‘misrepresentation of the facts’ Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill’s statement that the Bar benefited from his personal financial contribution during the hosting of the African Bar Association Conference held in 2019.

Setting the record straight, LNBA said at no time did the leadership request Min. McGill personal financial support to hold the African Bar Association Conference in October of 2019.

“The leadership of the Liberia National Bar Association says it is a total misrepresentation of the facts, statement made by Min. Nathaniel McGill on Spoon TV Live that the Bar benefited from his personal financial contribution during the hosting of the African Bar Association 2019 Conference in Monrovia” The Bar statement said.

The Bar statement issued on Thursday, December 30, 2021, further clarified that the government of Liberia and LNBA were excited and saw the request to host the African Bar Association Conference as a opportunity to showcase the country under the George Weah administration.

“Both the GOL and LNBA felt it was an honor for Liberia to host lawyers of the African continent for the first time in history, Predicated upon these discussions and due to the short notice given LNBA, the African Bar Association delegation and the LNBA’s leadership met with Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor who was the first senior official that met with the African Bar to pledge the GOL fullest support for the successful hosting of the conference and made the initial commitment of making the ministerial complex available for the holding of the conference”.

According to the Bar, the GOL committed to playing US$ 50, 000 which the LNBA said it was not a personal request made by Cllr. Gongloe President of LNBA as claimed by Min. McGill rather the request was made to the government of Liberia.

The LNBA maintains that under no circumstances it will ever ask Min. McGill as an individual to provide US$ 50,000 or to give personal support to LNBA ” Who just a few years ago could not afford the luxury he enjoys now to make such wild claims” Saying it will never fan for handout from any government officials including Nathaniel McGill.

According to the Bar, contribution received in 2019 was in fulfillment of a commitment by Government and people of Liberia to contribute to the hosting of the African Bar Conference nothing Min McGill misinformation is only intended personal gratification at the expense of LNBA.

Recently, Cllr Gongloe accused Min. McGill of being corruption of he gave millions of dollars for scholarship to Margibi, Bong and Nimba counties but in response Min. McGill also accused Cllr Gongloe on spoon talk of asking he, McGill, to make personal contribution to the hosting of the African Bar Association Conference.

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