Meet the Lady Selling Liberia’s Culture to the World Through Music

By: Laymah Kollie

Menneh Smith, popularly known by her stage name Mz Menneh, is a captivating African Liberian Neo-traditional female artist born and raised in the central region of Liberia (Bong County).
She is known for her soulful and passionate music, which takes listeners on a journey through a world where freedom and joy balance sorrow and injustice. Her lyrics reflect her African-Liberian roots and embrace the essence of traditional and cultural life in Liberia and the African perspective.

With hits like ZOMOH BEST FROM NIMBA and many more, Mz Menneh has been making waves in the music industry since 2012. She had the chance to work with the late Quincy B on her hit song Tumoh and also collaborated with other legendary hit makers, including Professor Jones Dopoe, 2C, and Bucky Raw, amongst others.
Music might sound ordinary to the ears of many people, but for Menneh, it’s a portion that drives the dearest and heaviest place in her heart to joy and inspiration, leaving an unexplainable feeling that melts her inner man.
“Every time I sing in my local vanacular, it gives me joy because it is the best way I can express my emotions and embrace the beauty of my motherland,” Menneh said.

According to Menneh, the younger generation of Liberia seems to be more likely to copy the hobbies and lifestyle of western culture, a gap she thinks needs to be filled before the inherited cultural lifestyle of Liberia is forgotten so easily.
“Our culture is not being practiced; people are forgetting the beautiful part of Liberia, and that’s why I’m teaching the younger generation to understand and value our own culture.”
The innovative Liberian woman’s goal is to inform, educate, and entertain the world about the beauty and vibrant culture of Liberia.
“I want to let the world know about Liberia’s culture, its beauty, and its people. And I’m doing it through my music.”

In April 2017, Mz Menneh became the first international Liberian artist to be brought to a live performance at the Destiny Entertainment Centre in Liberia for a cultural extravaganza alongside the Coalition Band. She also performed at another show in Ganta with Liberian rapper Co.Z. and others. In November 2017, Mz. Menneh and her entire team were brought to the Portuguese Hall in Edmonton, Canada, by Show Biz International for a live performance.

Menneh has earned many firsts as a Liberian artist, including being the first to perform at the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards (HAPAwards) in Hollywood, California USA. Mz. Menneh later represented Liberia with a live performance at the Africanival Festival in Canada, showcasing the Liberian culture to the world.
She became the first Liberian artist to win a HAPA Award that was held in California, November 2019. Mz Menneh also won many other awards, including the prestigious Liberia Music Award for Best Traditional Artist in 2017 and a nomination by Tunes Liberia for Best Liberian Traditional Artist in 2018.

Mz Menneh released her debut album, Country Geh, on June 1, 2019, and was selected out of hundreds and placed on the State of Minnesota’s Library website. In July 2020, she launched her clothing line, Country Geh. In October 2022, Mz. Menneh performed live at the Baaadu Festival in Beverly Hills, California, and was honored by the Beverly Hills City Council with a certificate of award signed by the mayor and other members of the Council.

Mz. Menneh released the most anticipated EP title, “True Feedings,” on July 1, 2023.
She is currently the owner and CEO of Country Geh. With her talent and determination, Mz. Menneh continues to blaze trails in the music industry, making her mark as a Liberian.

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