Harper-June 22, 2021-WVTVNEWS: Health Authorities in Maryland County have confirmed 3 cases of the Corona Virus disease in the County.

According to the county Health officer Dr. Methodius George, the three confirmed individuals of the virus are at the Maryland County Isolation Center undergoing treatment.

Dr. George indicated that health workers in the county are at the highest risk at such, the county health authority further warned the citizens to take precautions of the protocol of safety measures.
He then called on all citizens and residents of the county not to panic saying the county Health team is fully prepared and ready to combat the disease.

The resurgence of CoVID 19, which is reported as a new string of the virus, seems violent as there are reports of numerous deaths.

Health facilities are said to be out of beds, oxygen and other health heard to beef up services for citizens across the country.
At the moment, Liberia is reporting the highest daily number of the virus.
As of June 20, 2021, 2,995 COVID-19 cases and 95 deaths were reported.

The 3 recorded cases of Covid-19 in Maryland County stir fear in the lives of neighboring Southeastern counties of Grand Kru and River Gee with common boundaries, and onward Grand Gedeh and Sinoe Counties.

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