By: Judicial Correspondent

KAKATA: The 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Kakata, MARGIBI COUNTY has found Abraham Wento, age 31, guilty of murder and further sentenced him to 40yrs in prison.

Wento, in 2021, admitted to raping, killing and burying a 13yr old girl. The child was a neighbor to him. Wento earlier sent the child on an errand and when she returned, he took advantage of her based on an arrangement that he would receive US$15,000 from his friend to produce body parts.

During Police Investigation, Wento indicated that his friends fooled him to bring the blood from the private part of a virgin along with other body parts, something that made him, rape, kill, and bury the teenager.

Upon committing the act, Wento told Police Investigators that he didn’t receive any money from his friend, adding that he later aided the family of the girl the next day to fetch for her.

Wento later escaped Monrovia to Zwedru for fear of being arrested. “When I was in Zwedru, something kept troubling me to come back to Monrovia and report myself so that how I came and reported myself to Central”, Wento told Journalist early this year during an interview shortly after he turned himself in.

Meanwhile, Wento’s mother has sharply reacted to the Court’s judgement, indicating that the sentence is too harsh for her son.

Her argument is predicated on the fact that Wento turned himself in and further admitted to the crime while pleasing for mercy. Wento earlier mentioned that he committed the act due to the harsh economic situation in the country.

Wento’s sentence is provided under Section 14.1. (a) Of the New Penal code which states “a person is guilty of murder if he Purposely or knowingly causes the death of another human being.

Murder is a felony of the first degree but a person convicted of murder may be sentenced to death or life imprisonment as provided in Sections 50.5 and 51.3 of the New Penal code.

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