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Liberia-October 31, 2020-WTVNEWS: The Liberia National Police (LNP) has disclosed the dispatch of 25 police officers in Bong Mines in search of the three (3) Missing Men who were allegedly killed St. Moses.

St. Moses, a funeral parlor, is owned and operated by Moses on the Somalia Drive Gardnersville.

Addressing the LNP Regular press briefing Police spokesman Moses Carter indicated that the owner of St. Moses Funeral Home is not a suspect but a person of interest at such protesters should refrain from disrupting operations of the facility.

Carter maintained that the funeral Home facility is not a crime scene therefore Citizens should exercise patience as the Police conduct an investigation into the matter.

It can be recalled that Families of the Missing boys for two weeks now, besieged the compound of St Moses Parlor, demanding the living bodies of their Children who Allegedly got drown, with placard inscription “We Want Justice, Bring our Brothers Back Alive St Moses, among others.

On October 19, 2020 following a peaceful protest, families Members of the three Missing men were tear gas by the Liberia National Police and three persons got arrested.

Speaking to Families of the three-man, they noted in one tune that information given to the families by Mr. Moses that the children got drown is misleading.

They further added that though the help of traditional chief Zanzan Karworit was cleared that no Canoe capsizes as was said by Mr. Moses.

“No Shirt was found, items of the children are yet to be found, Where are the bodies?? then you are saying our children are Dead, St Moses you must be Joking our children are not Dead Bring Back our children alive” They mentioned.

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