The Liberia National Students’ Union, through its Gender secretariat and Bureau Affairs, has given a 72-hour Ultimatum to the Liberian Government to speedily investigate and bring the perpetrator (s) who allegedly raped a seven-year-old child to death, else the student community will protest.

7yrs Jomel Davis, a Liberian student, was found dead in a drainage at the Nimba United Community in Mount Barclay (Montserrado County) on July 24, 2022, after being missing for a day.

LINSU alleged that the Liberia National Police (LNP) gave requested an unidentified doctor/nurse to conduct medical examination on the child’s body, and later ordered the burial of the seven-year-old child without proper investigation.

Speaking at a press conference in Monrovia, LINSU’s Deputy Secretary for Gender Affairs, Evangeline Sirleaf, expressed gross disappointment in the “Patrick Sudue-led Liberia National Police Leadership” for its alleged lackadaisical and unserious handling of the death of little Jomel Davies.

“LNP officers on the scene authorized a medical examination without authenticating the credential of the self-proclaimed medical expert who conducted said examination and as a result of this turmoil of irresponsibility on the part of the police, little JOMEL has been buried under their instruction without any conclusive outcome,” Sirleaf asserted at LINSU’s press conference in Monrovia.

The LINSU Deputy Secretary for Gender Affairs described the alleged LNP’s delayed action as an insult to the ethics of its profession.

Meanwhile, Sirleaf used the occasion to call on the Police to give a conclusive outcome of the case as per their investigation within a 72-hour ultimatum or face the revolutionary wrath of the students’ Movement.

She informed media practitioners in Monrovia that since the reported raping and killing of the child, executives of LINSU had made many efforts to claim the attention of the authority of the Police in order to establish the cause of death, but authorities Police have been reluctant in investigating the matter.
“This is no different from the many controversies surrounding the incapability of LNP to ably pursue these cases of such death and mayhems instituted against people without justice.

On August 08, 2022, the Deputy Secretary and Director of Gender of LINSU, Evangeline D. Sirleaf and Jenebah J. Joe respectively sat in a mediation meeting with the LNP, the family, and officials of the Gender Ministry. “During the meeting, the Liberia National Police made a commitment to get back to us in a two-day period with an outcome of their investigation; especially the reports of the coroner who ordered an unidentified nurse to check the body for rape”. Sadly, it has been approximately three weeks and we are yet to get any information from the authority of the Police on this grave issue. Now, we at LINSU wish to meanwhile inform the people of Liberia that the current Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Mr. Patrick Sudue’ is unfit to lead the law enforcement arm of the Ministry of Justice. This caveat should also claim the attention of the Ministry of Gender, and other organs of the Liberian government, as this case unlike other cases of similar nature would not go down the drain as business as usual”, Sirleaf stated.

Sirleaf further stressed the need to end the culture of impunity and revealed that the only way that can be minimized or abolished is to have the right people placed in positions of power.

Also speaking at the press conference, the family of the seven-year-old child pleaded with the Liberian Government to dispense justice in the mysterious death of their daughter.

However, authorities at the Liberia National Police promised this institution to speak to this matter subsequently.

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