Liberian Senate Concurs with HOUSE; Passes $738M 2024 National Budget

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia-April 30,2024: Plenary of the Liberian Senate on Tuesday 30th April 2024 voted unanimously for the passage of the Country’s Fiscal Year 2024 National Budget. The National Budget is in the amount of US$738million with an increase of USD$46million to the draft budget submitted by Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

The passage of the 2024 Budget sets the stage for the Government operations across all branches. Disbursement by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, in accordance with approved budgetary allotment provides a means by which government covers its recurring and nonrecurring expenses for every given fiscal year.

The Senate’s Committee on Ways, Means Finance, and Budget, as per the mandate of Plenary, jointly conducted a rigorous and thorough scrutiny of the Draft Budget for Fiscal Year 2024 with the Honorable House of Representatives for a period of one month.
The Joint Committee reviewed the Revenue Proposal as presented by the President of Liberia, b Joseph Nyuma Boakai. The President’s revenue proposal for FY-2024 was submitted at US$692,408,827. At the end of the Revenue hearing an additional Revenue in the amount of US$46,451,000.00 was identified, thus increasing the revenue envelope to USS738,859,827.00.

The Honorable House of Representatives in its Chambers on April 29, 2024 passed and forwarded the budget to the Liberian Senate for concurrence.

According to the Chairman on Ways, Means, Finance and Budget Senator Prince Kermue Moye, increase in the draft budget affects the following sectors: Health, Security and Rule of Law, Youth and Sports particularly in area of rehabilitation of at-risk youth, Education amongst others.

Other areas are: the Fire Service, Electricity, and Road Fund e.t.c.

The Senate’s Chairman on Ways and Means stressed that the of increment funds in these sectors is to improve services and deliverables to the Liberian people.

Meanwhile, Lawmakers in session Tuesday expressed excitement over the government’s ability to address major issues in Liberia through the National Budget.

The Senators in separate remarks applauded the ‘Rescue Mission’ for highlighting major needs of Liberians in the 2024 budget.

“I want to commend the government for setting aside 25% of the National Road fund to buy equipment for every county. It’s a great thing to do and I must appreciate them for that”, Rivercess Senator Wellington G. Smith said.

Also, Senator Zoe Emmanuel Penuue of Grand Gedeh County added “Today from Zwedru to Monrovia is 6hrs drive. At first it used to be about 19hrs drive. The Rescue mission is doing well”.

“We hope at the end of this budget year Liberia will improve” Sen. Numene T.H. Bartekwa of Grand Kru County lamented.

Meanwhile Senator Botoe Konneh of Gbarpolu further applauded the Boakai’s administration for steps taken in addressing the needs for inhabitants.

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