Liberian Red Cross Extends Helping Hand to Fire-Affected’ Families

By- Aminata S. Kromah

Monrovia, January 17, 2024 – In the wake of a devastating fire that wreaked havoc on more than 30 families in Monrovia and its environs late 2023, the Liberian National Red Cross (LNRS) has responded to the urgent needs of the affected communities. The families, who lost all essential belongings, were left in a dire situation, requiring both physical assistance and emotional support.

The LNRS received over 50 honest letters requesting assistance from the affected families and communities. Following thorough verification, the Red Cross has initiated a comprehensive response to relief assistance to those affected.
“The impact of the fire on these families has been profound, leaving them without the basic necessities of life. In times of crisis, it is crucial that we come together to support those in need,” stated Mr. Gregory T. Blamoh, Secretary General of the Liberian Red Cross.

The Red Cross response package includes essential items such as rice, cooking pots, buckets, mats, blankets, sheets of zinc, pieces of soap, slippers, mosquito nets, and vegetable oil. These provisions aim to address both immediate and long-term needs, offering a lifeline to those grappling with the aftermath of the disaster.

The current response efforts, targeting more than 30 families affected by the fire in late 2023, have been made possible through the generous support of the Swedish Red Cross under its Initial Response Fund and the UNHCR, which recently donated assorted relief materials to the Liberian Red Cross.

“We are immensely grateful to the Swedish Red Cross and the UNHCR for their invaluable support. Their assistance allows us to extend our reach and provide essential relief to those who need it the most,” added Mr. Blamoh.

Recipients of the relief packages have expressed their gratitude for the timely support. One beneficiary remarked, “The Red Cross has been our savior in this difficult time. The relief items are not just essentials; they are symbols of hope for us to rebuild our lives.”

Mr. Blamoh emphasized the commitment of the Liberian Red Cross to addressing the needs of people affected by fires and other disasters. Despite limited resources to cover all critical needs, he assured the public that the most urgent requirements would be prioritized.

“As we navigate through these challenging times, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving the vulnerable. The support from our partners has been instrumental, and together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected,” concluded Mr. Blamoh.

The Liberia National Red Cross Society is a humanitarian organization committed to preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies. Through a network of dedicated volunteers, the Red Cross provides vital support to communities affected by disasters and crises.

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