Lenise Home Care & Support Services Officially Launched, Receives Commendations for Empowering Liberians

Monrovia – The launch of Lenise Home Care and Support Services, a newly established agency focused on providing job opportunities for Liberians, received high praise from government and private sector actors during its launch on Thursday, August 17.

Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ms. Paulita CC Wie, commended the agency for its commitment to job creation, stating, “Not many Liberians are doing what you are doing. There are more people instead of creating jobs or making an impact on our society today are rather problem makers in the society.”

Lenise Home Care & Support Services, founded by Lennart Dodoo and Danise Love Dennis-Dodoo, recruits and trains individuals from various backgrounds to work as housekeepers, babysitters, drivers, tutors, cooks, and more. Ms. Wie applauded the agency’s efforts to bring young people together to find employment opportunities, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives.

Professor Wilson Tarpeh, the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who launched the agency, expressed his optimism about its potential. “I see a very big potential in this thing you both have started,” he said. “If managed well, it will take over the whole country.”
Prof. Tarpeh encouraged the agency’s recruits to find dignity in labor and to respect the jobs that sustain them and their families, emphasizing that regardless of the work they do, it all contributes to their livelihood.

Lenise Home Care & Support Services marked its official launch with an event attended by distinguished guests, supporters, and partners.

Lennart Dodoo, the driving force behind the agency, delivered an inspiring speech during which he highlighted the company’s mission of empowerment and compassion.

Dodoo stated, “We gather here today to celebrate the launch of Lenise Home Care & Support Services, an endeavor that embodies the essence of empowerment and compassion. At its core, Lenise Home Care & Support Services is not merely a company but a force for positive change.”

One of the key achievements celebrated at the launch was the successful training of 35 young men and women, equipping them with skills to make a meaningful difference in others’ lives. The agency is now prepared to provide them with opportunities to apply their training and realize their aspirations.

Lenise Home Care & Support Services launched under the theme “Partaking In Nation Building Through Empowering All Walks of Life,” aligns its vision with the values that shape society. The company recognizes that a nation’s strength derives from the well-being and empowerment of every individual within it.

The agency offers a comprehensive range of services, including personalized home care services, professional janitorial services, and event planning and catering services, all with a focus on promoting trust, reliability, and dignity.

The launch event garnered the support of distinguished guests and supporters who emphasized the importance of empowering all segments of society, particularly the vulnerable.

Dodoo expressed his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the creation and realization of Lenise Home Care & Support Services. He concluded, “Together, we are writing a new chapter in the story of empowerment and nation-building, one that embraces diversity, compassion, and the unwavering belief that by empowering individuals, we are building a stronger and more prosperous nation.”

The launch of Lenise Home Care & Support Services signifies the beginning of a journey dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals and communities, embodying the spirit of empowerment and compassion that defines their mission.

In remarks, the Chief Executive Officer of Lenise Home Care & Support Services, Danise Love Dennis-Dodoo, assured all potential clients of the highest level of professionalism from her assigned agents.
“We have trained them well, she said. “All of our recruits have been screened. We would not just send anyone to your homes or offices. We have conducted a thorough background check on each and everyone of them. We have crossed check with the police and we have their police clearances on file. We have visited their homes, communities and even talked to their guarantors in person.”

According to Mrs. Dodoo, her recruits have also been equipped with basic emergency response skill. “Each and every one our recruits know exactly what to do when there is a fire outbreak. They know what to do immediately when someone is chocking. They know how to perform basic CRP and this is what sets us apart from the others in the industry,” she said.

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