MONROVIA-MARCH 5, 2021: Lawyers representing Najib Kamand, the Chief Executive Officer of Palm Spring Resort in Congo Town have damaged his case in their quest for that Court not to admit evidences against their client (Kamand).

The CEO of the Resort is currently on trial at the Debt Court for allegedly duping his Chinese busines partner of over one million united states dollars.

Kamand lawyers on Wednesday, March 4, 2021, presented a very poor defense when a Chinese lady Ding Shu Jum, Kamand former business partner testified to several instruments to be admitted into evidence against him.

The lawyers struggled to defend pieces of evidential material testified to by Kamand Chinese business partner who he is battling in a legal crisis.

Kamand accuser spend hours convincing the court that he actually owed CEO Mr. Najib Kamand actually indebted to her while the Resort legal team struggle to defense its manager Kamand against testimonies adduced by his contender.

The preponderance of evidence is expected to be used against the Management of Palm spring who allegedly owed her US$1,206,900.000.

During the trial, Cllr. Amara Sherriff, lawyer for the Chinese lady brought a promissory note believing to be the hand writing of Palm Spring CEO (Kamand) alluding to some payments but kamand’s lawyer resisted for a while, but when quizzed by Judge Jones about the content of the handwriting, his lawyer admitted that Kamand wrote the letter.

There was a serious contention for Kamand’s lawyers over the admittance of a promissory note he (Karmand) wrote. His lawyers argued poorly in defending the admittance of the promissory note believed to have been written by the Manager of Palm Spring.

Palm Spring CEO lawyers argued that the letter could be a purported letter manufactured by any of the Chinese workers at Palm spring but he however admitted that his client (Najib) wrote the letter but it has no stamp or carried no weight to show it came from Palm Spring. His answer seems very unsatisfying to the judge and the promissory note was admitted as evidence against his client.

Also during the trial, the Chinese lady on the witness stand testified to another evidential material concerning payment voucher allegedly made by Najib.

Cllr. Amara Sheriff again questioned the Chinese lady through an interpreter about the voucher payment stipulating three different months. The voucher was also an attempt to introduce evidence against Najib for marking but again the lawyers of Kamand poorly resisted the marking into evidence the voucher that they claimed had no signature and it was only a photo copy.

The Judge Jones again denied Karmand’s lawyer argument when he cited a law that did not fit the situation, subsequently Judge Jones denied the legal citation, reminding him that the law quoted could be in the interest of the Chinese lady..

The Chinese lady again testified to a video recording of Mr. Karmand in conversation discussing the payment of her money. She told the Judge the recording was done with the consent of Mr, Karmand but again his lawyer put up a poor defense and told the judge that the recording was not done with the consent of Karmand even though his lawyer failed to cite the requisite provision of the law and the Judge admitted it into evidence against Najib.

It can also be recalled in December 2020, Palm Springs Hotel CEO was also dragged to the court for US$1,206,900.000 by a Chinese Business.
Madam Ding Shu Jun took the management of the Palm Spring hotel through its CEO to the Debt Court at the Temple of Justice for money owed her.

Ding Shu Jun in her debt action said on August 1, 2019, she executed a short term agreement with defendant Nijid Kamand CEO of the Palm Spring hotel which she extended a cash credit to Kamand in an amount of US$900,000.00 in substantiation of the agreement.

That parties agreed to give an amount of US$300,000.00 loan to party as the Capital turnover for gambling company, the loan duration of the above said US$300,000.00 shall be six months and for the above said US$300,000.00 during the whole period of the loan duration, party which is Mr. Kamand, CEO of Palm Spring hotel shall pay Mrs. Ding Shu Jun a monthly period and amount of US$15,000.00 as the monthly loan interest, which shall be paid in two installments for each month, the amount of US$7,500.00 shall be paid on the 15th of any of each month and the other US$7,500.00 shall be paid on the last day of each month.

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