In Fish Town, Rivergee County… 40FT Container Kills Two (2)

Fish Town: Two persons have reportedly died while two are under critica

l condition as a result of an explosion of a 40ft container in Fishtown, Rivergee County.

According to reports, the Four persons were workers of a welding machine shop in the County.
The incident occur after the owner and operator of the perfect Machine shop was contacted by Bobby Toe to do a welding work on a container which he uses for storage of gasoline.
The report indicates that the container which the machine was asked to work on also had over 10 drums of gasoline of which one exploded during the work.
The suspicious explosion of the 40ft container led to the death of Issac Wapolo and another welderer only named Ansu while two are under critical condition at the Rivergee Health Center awaiting to be transferred to Maryland for proper Medical attention.
Several Citizens of the County meanwhile have expressed sorrow over the incident, describing it as worrisome and furstrating.
Meanwhile the Liberia National Police Rivergee department has invited the owner of the warehouse container Bobby Toe for questioning while the bodies of the two have been disposited at a local funeral home in the County pending burial.

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