Impressive Turnout For Women; As Thousands came out to Vote in October 10 Elections

By: Jeremiah Cooper

Liberia-October 10, 2023: The political participation of women in just ended elections in Liberia has taken a great turn, as thousands of women came out to massively vote in the October 10 presidential and legislative elections.

The Liberian presidential and legislative elections which took place on Tuesday October 10, 2023, unlike the 2017 general elections in the country, saw women more women in long queues at various voting precincts across the country to form part of decision making processes for the next six years.

The women who were very patient and peaceful to take part in the voting process in their respective counties expressed their appreciation to God for granting them the opportunity to make decisions that will have impact on the lives of the general Liberian population.

They emphasized that it is important that Liberians get engaged in the voting and electoral processes.

According to them, when women are fully involved in elections, it will give them a good understanding on the way the government is run and enable Liberians to make good decisions in the interest of the country and its people during the voting period.

“We are here to vote and we will vote because it is our right. We are not doing any thing wrong, we are here to vote for people that have the country at heart”, Korpo Tokpah of Green Hill Community, District 3, Margibi County added.

“This is the time that we take all the bad people out and replace them with good people”, Mary Kollie from the same area stressed.

Statistics from the National Election Commission show an increase in the number of women registered voters in 2023 than previous elections.

In the 2017 presidential and legislative election, 48% of the voters were women; while in the 2023 presidential and legislative election, 49.67% of the total voters are women.

The women at the same time called on every Liberian to be peaceful and abide by the laws of Liberia.

They believe that peace is non-negotiable in Liberia, therefore every Liberian must leave no stone unturned in protecting the peace and stability of the country.

“We are praying that everyone put peace first. We can not live in the absence of peace”, they noted.

Despite the releasing and counting of provisional results at various polling precincts across the country, Liberians are optimistic that the National Election Commission of Liberia will live up to its responsibility by providing free and fair results.

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