I’ll Accept to be a Vice Running Mate, if I am Picked”, Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence Asserts

Liberia: The Embattled Political Leader of the Liberty Party Hon. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence has vowed to accept a post of a Vice Running mate if she is picked for the 2023 general and presidential elections.

There has been opinion polls and calls suggesting that Hon. Karnga-Lawrence pair with former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai of the Unity Party for the upcoming elections. Liberty Party and Unity Party pulled out of the Collaborating Political Party based on allegations of fraud regarding the Framework document governing the CPP. The calls have intensified across the public and other political parties as well as members of the Unity Party and Liberty Party. Hon. Karnga-Lawrence is current senator of Grand Bassa County.

“Yes I will accept to be a vice running mate if I am picked, because it is a decision of presidential candidate and if I am chosen I’ll accept to serve my country and people”, she told journalists when quizzed during a press conference on Wednesday in Monrovia.

Earlier, during the press conference, she emphasized that she would remain silent on the matter and focus on solving the issues engulfed by the Liberty party. “I am aware of the many discussions surrounding me as a potential Vice Presidential candidate. I have chosen to remain silent on the topic because I remain focused on my work as a Senator of Grand Bassa and on solving issues within our beloved Liberty Party. I am confident in what I have done in the Senate, what I have done in Grand Bassa and how I have represented women well in and out of our country. Regardless of what the future holds for me, and our Party, I am blessed to serve my County, my Party and my Country”, Hon. Karnga-Lawrence noted.

Despite internal wrangling within her party, Hon. Karnga-Lawrence indicated that Liberty Party will be the big influencer as to who become Liberia’s next president. She noted though the LP is not bringing forth a presidential candidate, it is best suited to make a better decision for the presidency.

“I am confident that the Liberty Party will be the biggest influencer in electing the next President of the Republic of Liberia. Yes, we are confident because, over the last decade and a half, our party has positioned itself as an institution that was established to contribute significantly to the democratization of our country and to institutionalize the rule of law. Being so, we have continued to maintain a visible party structure, playing the role of a loyal and constructive opposition, even in the face of questionable electoral outcomes. This is why our respect will always stand tall for the founding father of the party, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine and the patriotic men and women who stood with him”, she noted.

She rallied members of the Liberty Party to remain focus and embrace reconciling the party in order to ensure it is formidable towards the elections. “Special thanks to members of the National Executive Committee, who resisted unconstitutional decisions and activities; members of the National Advisory Council, who carried out their duties attempting to resolve various issues using internal party mechanisms; County Chairs, youth groups and party auxiliaries, who withstood bribery and payouts from unscrupulous individuals despite their personal financial difficulties; to Liberty Party-USA, a pillar of strength within our institution, for refusing the false narratives from smooth talkers and defending the Party’s constitution; to our lawyers and legal team, for diligence in guiding our actions and representing the facts at the highest courts in our nation; and to our partisans at home and abroad who gave their moral and financial support for us to bring the truth to light and expose those who were bent on compromising our Party for money, personal gains and satisfaction of their ego”, the Liberty Party Political Leader said.

The LP has been before the Full Bench of the Supreme Court and the National Elections Commission over disagreements relative to the party’s constitution. The rigmarole has caused a split with two factions, the Musa Bility and Nyonblee Karnga faction. The party currently has two chairpersons and secretaries along with several different executive council members.

The quarrel, many members of the opposition believe that it could plunge the party into perpetual political darkness and negatively influence future decisions.

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