‘He for She Crusaders’ Liberia Host All Men Conference With Focus on Mental Health

By: Lazota Bility

Monrovia -December 12,2023: With Emphasis on Male’s Mental Health, the ‘HE for She Crusaders Liberia’ in collaboration with Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection during the weekend hosted the Sixth annual all Men Conference. The occasion which was held at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex Congo town recognizes the many contributions men continue to make towards Family lives and societal stability in relation to Gender equity and equality.

The Conference hosted in commemoration of the International Men’s day ( IMD ) that is globally celebrated on 19th November of every year is meant to intensify advocacy on males involvement and engagement in the fight to eliminate and abolish Gender Based Violence while promoting positive Masculinity as well as alienation, abuse, homelessness, Suicide, Violence and male’s health in general. It was also celebrated in observance of the 16days of Activism.

The occasion held under the theme: “Stop Male Suicide End Violence Against Women, Girls and Children ” brought together students from seven High Schools across Monrovia along with Civil Society Organizations and Partners.

Speaking at the program, He For She Crusaders Liberia Founder and National Coordinator Mr. Tamba F. J. Johnson cautioned participants about the importance of male Mental Health, stressing the need for society to focus on the mental health of Every Male within the environment.

He believes GBV and other forms of violence against women and children are highly contributed by mental disorder faced by most men.
The He for She Ambassador also mentioned violence perpetrated against men while urging society to be equal in her judgement.
” All of us in the world have some Mental Disorderliness that is contributing to abusive Nature within our Community, we need to start the Discussion in other to find out what is actually causing more Men to be toxic within their Homes this is why we are here today to flag the position of Men positively and also bring out the issues of Male Mental health, We should also know that most Male go through lots violence and we need to be protected too by the Government” He added.

The Institution boss then called on every citizens to report violence within their Communities and Homes as it is the best way to address GBV.
“ We must start to report violence within our homes and Community , don’t keep it report it we must end Violence against Women, Girls and Children together in other a have a free Society”

Meanwhile, the He for She Crusaders Liberia All Men conference also aimed at promoting positive male role models not just movie stars and sports Men but everyday working class men who are living decent and honest Lives and to also men positive contributions to Society, Organization, Community Family, marriage, Child Care and the Environment.

It also focuses on Men’s Health and wellbeing Social, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual to improve Gender relations and promote Gender Equality to create a Safer place where people can be safe and grow to reach their full potentials.

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