By: Joanna Wlorsiejay Barsseh

Barclayville-WTVNEWS: Ahead of the Council Development Sitting, Members of the Joint Security in the county are calling for the construction of a Modern prison to cater for congestion issues in the county.

Grand Kru’s Senior City Solicitor and head of the Joint Security, Chris A. Teah, noted that is it needful to make allotment for such an initiative as the County goes to Council Sitting.

Grand Kru County is expected to conduct its 12th Council Sitting in April of this year. with delegates from across the county representing different 12 traditional districts.

The City Solicitor threatened a boycott action of future sittings, if the upcoming resolution does not target the prison construction.

Hon Teah noted the call for the prison construction has persist since the County’s first ever sitting and up to present, nothing has been done, something he said is diminishing the Judiciary and Justice system of the county thereby endangering the lives of prosecutors.

The current prison facility at the headquarters of the Liberian National Police- Grand Kru Detachment initially built to contain nine (9) persons per room, currently holds up to twenty-three (23) persons; putting the welfare of the inmates there at risk.

In 2021, WOMEN’s TV Liberia reported the overcrowdedness of the prison facility and thus there was a need for a new prison.

Solicitor Chris A. Teah has similarly disclosed that there is no area of confinement of prisoners; a situation which makes those that commit crimes against the state and others including those on pre-trial detention to be on compulsory parole while filing and signing their own bills.

Meanwhile the Solicitor has thanked the Grand Kru County Local Authority headed by Superintendent Doris N. Ylatun for the provision of Five Thousand United States Dollars (5000.00 USD) for the construction of an annex at the LNP headquarter but added that such isn’t enough.

Chris maintained that at least not less than Forty Thousand United States Dollars (40,000.00 USD) should be allocated for the construction of a correction center in the upcoming Council Sitting else, future sittings will be boycotted by the Joint Security of the county.

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