Global Touch Corporation CEO Rally More Women for Leadership… as Liberia Celebrates Int’l WOMEN’s Day

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper

Liberia: March, a month of global celebration is set aside to celebrate progress of women and assess challenges and project solutions for issues women are confronted with. against women. It focuses on women’s right movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights and violence and abuse against women.

This year’s March 8, 2023 international WOMEN’s day celebration is taking place earlier (March 3, 2023) in Liberia due to a public holiday (Wednesday, Decoration day March 8). The annual celebration also seeks to ensure progress is made on women political participation and leadership.

To advance further and ensure more women are represented in spaces of leadership, the Executive Director of Golden Touch Corporation, Cassandral Hampton is rallying the women of Liberia to double efforts in building their capacities for future opportunities.

According to Cassandral Hampton, the development of Liberia is at the cross roads and as such women must intervene to put the country second to none in Africa.

She said women have the natural power and ability to take Liberia at it highest peak in development, noting that it is now time that women take the lead in making decisions that will better the country and its people.

“Women are very intelligent and have the power to change anything. We decide which outfit is nice for our men and we get it right all time. If we can just take higher position in Liberia, we will decide the very best for the country”, she added.

“If woman must take the place of men, they need to prepare for it because it only require prepared people to sit to a special area. We must go extra mile and do extra ordinary things”, she noted.

Meanwhile, Cassandral Hampton used the medium to called on the male counterparts to embrace the participation of women in every sector of the country, as it will give women the appetite to venture in to such area.

She cautioned men to see women as partners for the development of the Liberian society, rather than inflicting pains on them.

Cassandral named rape, domestic violence, political harassment, among others as acts that have the propensity to pull down the participation of women in key sector of the country.

The gap in women representation in leadership is evident by the low number of women at the Legislature. Women represent 11% of the Legislature, nine (9) in the lower house and two (2) in the Liberian Senate.

Meanwhile, hundreds of women on March 2, 2023, staged a sit-in action on the grounds of the Legislature through a petition to ensure justice is serve for crimes committed against women in the country.

The Women of Liberia gathered as the result of the growing wave of violence against women, girls and children including violence against women in elections.

Statistics from the National Elections Commission indicate violence in elections against women frighten more women this denying their participation in the process.

This year’s IWD is celebrated on under the global theme Embrace Equality and national theme DigitalAll: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

This year theme is meant to call on governments, activists and the private sector to increase their efforts to make the digital world safer, more inclusive and more equitable for women.

The International Women’s Day (IWD) was recognized by the United Nations in 1977.

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