Girl Found Dead in Gbarnga; as Community Dwellers call for LNP Intervention

By Matalay Kollie, Bong County correspondent

GBARNGA-March 31, 2024: The lifeless Body of a girl believed to be less fortunate was on early Saturday morning, March 30, 2024, discovered dead on the main streets of Gbarnga around the Phebe Parking.

The girl, only identified as Dorris, is believed to be in her 20s. Her corpse has spent more than 24hours in the Community; thus, creating pollution for the neighborhood.

The deceased, according to Nathaniel Mulbah (eyewitness) AKA “The Heat”; is a less fortunate. Nathaniel narrated that before her demise, the girl had come to Gbarnga along with her boyfriend only known as Amos from David Dean’s Town in Kokoyah District to live and engaged in business activities.

He further explained to our reporter that after two months in Gbarnga, Dorris was alledgely seen in Ghettos consuming Narcotics and also engaging in local prostitution at some night spots in the city.

The attitude of Dorris, according to Nathaniel didn’t go well with her boyfriend Amos, thus complaining that he could no longer continue the relationship with Dorris.

Moreover, Nathaniel asserted that following the abandonment of Dorris by her boyfriend Amos, she later left for Ganta and returned with some health complications. He quoted Dorris as being a resident of Nimba County.

The Eyewitness further said the worsening condition of Dorris and her swollen stomach led them (ghetto members of the block) to make a contribution of four thousand Liberian dollars (4,000.00LD) as a sign of loyalty to transport Dorris back to her people in Nimba for treatment. Lamenting that she collected the money and failed to go for treatment, thus leading to her demise.

He then expressed sadness in the passing of Dorris, adding that Dorris was a loyal friend of them and the street as a whole.

Meanwhile, marketers along the main street of Gbarnga, especially at the Phebe Parking area told our reporter that the situation is serving as a serious embarrassment to their daily activities as they cannot bear the bad odor of the almost decade-body.

When contacted, the commander of the Liberia National Police Bong Detachment, Fasu Sheriff told our reporter that the body cannot be removed from the incident scene before three days as provided by law.

He further promised residents of the area that if family members of the deceased cannot show up in the stipulated time to remove the body of Dorris, the LNP will mandate the City Council of Gbarnga to bury the remains of the deceased.

The cause of Doris death remains unknown.

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