Former LTA Workers Continue Protestations Over Unpaid Benefits

Monrovia-August 1, 2023: Several former employees of the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LTC) have threatened to continuously embarrass authorities of the institution for their alleged refusal to pay them their deserved benefits.

Speaking to a team of reporters Monday (August 1, 2023) when they blocked the main entrance of the LTC in Monrovia, the former employees, many of whom are old folks, recounted that they were redundant in 2006 during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

They added that the former Liberian leader mandated the entity to pay their benefits in the two categories, cash and bags of rice before the end of her term in office but the institution has reportedly refused to pay their benefits up to present.

“We are former workers of LT we are downsides we are not retired, then the President wrote the management of LTC to pay our benefits, 600 plus employees we were downsided and former President wrote the management of LTC but they dashed it down”.

The former employees said their first target currently is to receive their rice benefits which has the financial value of US$260 for each member.

According to them, they have gone over 16 years fighting for their deserved benefits and some of their colleagues even died while in the process yet the institution continues.

Meanwhile, the management of the LTC has vowed to respond to the former workers claims in a release to the public.

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