Former Chief Justice Daughter Allegedly Murdered

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Reports from Brewerville, District 17 Montserrado County say Armed Robbers reportedly evaded former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott home, killing her daughter and wounding her niece.

The incident is reported to have happened 11pm February 22, 2023, opposite the Sheriff gas station in Brewerville.

According to our source, Cllr Scott daughter was stabbed multiple times to death in the eyes of the other children in the house. The girl was a Senior student of Starz College University.

Our source indicated that Cllr. Scott absconded the scene for fear of her life following the incident.

This is the third time, armed robbers have succeeded with the crime. It can be recalled that on February 8&9, 2023, Armed Robbers reportedly burglarized Cllr Scott’s home, making away with scores of documents containing the former Justice’s information.

The repeated action of the Robbers, according to our source, signifies assassination attempts.

Scores of community dwellers are still in disbelief of the armed robbers attacks on Cllr. Scott and children. Currently, there is huge security presence at the home in order to protect the crime scene.

Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott is a former senator of Maryland and a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

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