Foreign Minister Nyanti Mandates Past and Present Officials to Turn over Diplomatic Passports

Monrovia -March 18,2024: The Minister of Foreign Affairs Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti has mandated past and current officials of government in possession of Official, Diplomatic and Service Passports to return them.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information press briefing on Monday, Foreign Affairs Minister, Sara Nyanti announced that these Passports will be cancelled as of 18th April 2024.

According to Minister Nyanti, the action is intended to curtail the circulation of Liberian Passports on the globe, and its alleged usage by non-Liberian.

“Those passports will be cancelled with immediate effect after April 18, 2024” additionally, all those with multiple Diplomatic, Official and service passports are hereby informed that those extra passports will be cancelled, If you have information or any questions that justifies you having both passports kindly contact the Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to Madam Nyanti, Liberian citizens and non-Liberians who are not eligible for official, service and Diplomatic passports should kindly return them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regardless of duration on or before April 18, 2024.

She added that “The ministry regrets any inconveniences that this action may cause Liberians at home and abroad because it has become necessary for national security concerns and cannot be delayed or deferred, all are encouraged to comply with this notice to avoid any inconveniences at airport during departure and entry” Madam Nyanti asserted.

However, few minutes after the Minister’s pronouncement, the U.S. Embassy issued a statement welcoming the latest measure taken by the Government of Liberia to ensure all diplomatic, official, and service passport holders meet official eligibility requirements.

The US embassy statement noted that the Foreign Minister’s commitment to address issue of fraudulent travel documents advances not just Liberia’s national security but that of the international community.

The US embassy statement stated “Thank you Foreign Minister Sara Beysolow Nyanti”.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Passport over the years have been reported to have been in the possession of foreigners and non eligible persons; especially, the Diplomatic Passports and other Services Passports meant for the usage of high ranking officers of Government.
The mandate when fully implemented will help in minimizing the circulation of these important documents, while restoring the sanity of Liberia’s identity.

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