For October Polls…EU Observation Mission to Deploy Hundred Election Observers

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia -September 16,2023: The European Union (EU) Election Observation Mission in Liberia is expected to deployed one hundred (100) short term election observers for the Tuesday October 10 Presidential and Representatives Elections in the counties to track, monitor and report on elections day.

The EU Mission recently deployed twenty ( 20) long-term Observers across Liberia to observe and analyze the electoral process including the legal framework, electoral administration, voters’ and candidates registration, the campaign environment including in the media and social media, voting, counting and tabulation of results, as well as the complaints and appeals processes.

In a press conference, Friday, September 15, 2023, at Royal Grand Hotel, Mr. Andreas Schieder, Chief Observer of the EU Election Observation Mission in Liberia said the Body will on elections day deploy additional forty (40) short-term observers with about hundred (100) on ground to include: members of EU parliament, EU diplomats as well as Canada and Norway.

“Around Elections Day, additional 40 Short-Term Observers will reinforce the EU EOM that will have around 100 observers on the ground, including Members of the European Parliament and EU diplomats accredited in Liberia, from EU Member States, as well as from Canada and Norway.” Mr. Schieder.

The EU Chief Observer stated that the 2023 elections represents a significant test for democratic consolidation in the country, as such, it is important for the European Union to accompany the nation in this process; stressing the neutrality of its observers into the electoral process.

“The General Elections scheduled for 10 October 2023 represent significant test for the democratic consolidation in Liberia. I believe it is important for the European Union to accompany the Liberian people in this process. I trust that state authorities, political parties and all candidates will play their part in promoting a credible, peaceful, transparent and inclusive electoral process. We will stay in the country until the completion of the electoral process, All EU EOM observers are bound by a code of conduct, which requires strict neutrality and non-interference” added Schieder.

Mr. Andreas Schieder, stated that the EOM has held meetings with different stakeholders including the National Elections Commission, Minister of Justice, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Associate Justice, candidates in the presidential race as well as the representatives of civil society and the media.
“After several meetings in Monrovia this week, I can see the state of preparations of the institutions in charge of elections as well as the candidates and political parties. Our long-tem observers deployed in all 15 counties already met various stakeholders and are preparing and sending us Comprehensive evidence-based reports from their areas of observation”, said the Chief Observer.

However, the EU Observation Mission mentioned that it will issue its initial findings in a preliminary statement and will be presented in a press conference two days after Election Day. Furthering, that its final report with recommendations for improvement will be presented at a later stage.

The EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to Liberia was deployed at the invitation of the Liberian authorities and arrived in Monrovia on 27 August with a team of 10 analysts. The EU Mission undertakes its work in accordance with the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation. The mission observes and assess the General Elections against national law, commitments and obligations for democratic elections deriving from international and regional standards, as well as good practices for democratic elections.

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