By: Jerromie S. Walters

Barclay Training Center, Liberia: In concurrence with it’s vision to be one of the well organized and leading public service agencies in Liberia, the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service recently graduated one hundred and thirty five (135) Firefighters from it’s Fire Academy & Training School (FATS).

Over the weekend, officials and staffers of the LNFRS, and other dignitaries and well-wishers assembled at the Barclay Training Center, at a colorful and elaborate ceremony, marking the graduation of XXIIII cadet in take class of the Fire Academy and Training School (FATS) in several fire related disciplines.

The Academy and training school basically provided courses that includes: Building Construction, Gender, Discipline and Courtesy,
Pump and Hose, First Aid, Rural Firefighting, Chemistry of Combustion, Electricity and Report Writing, Firemanship, fire Legislation and Fire Prevention, Physical Training, Radio Communication, Extinguisher, Ledder and Small gears, Stimulation drills and Rescue Operation respectively.

The Intake class comprised of ninety-four 94 males and fourty-one 41 females from the various divisions, sections, and units from the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service (LNFRS) and the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC).

However, the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service Boss Alex K. Dickson while delivering a special statement at the occasion, termed the entity’s ability to produce it’s own graduates after five years in fire fighting related activities, especially at an international standard, as a major boost in it’s development drive.

He assured the LNFRS’s commitment in executing its national roles and responsibilities, while disclosing the arrival of additional six (6) fire trucks, to keep the entity more effective and efficient on its duties.

The Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service Boss further recommended to National Government to use the land space it’s Ashmun Street Office is currently situated on, to aid in the construction of its own Headquarters.

Hon Dickson displayed a blueprint of a modern facility which he recommended to national government as the institution’s proposed headquarters.

At the same time, the Customer Experienced Director at Orange Liberia madam Josephine Akinrele, thanked the Fire Service for looking in the direction of empowering it’s staff through skills and concepts in various fire related courses.

She believes the Fire Department is very important and of great essence to every nation, as such, the need for keen attention as well as the needful support to be given to them is important.

Madam Akinrele also disclosed plans for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Orange Liberia and Fire Service to address communication, financial and other cardinal issues affecting the entity.

For his part, Justice Minister Frank Musah Dean while proxying on the President’s behalf, congratulated the graduates for the dedication and commitment applied during the course of the training.

He encouraged the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service to exercise more prevention by spreading fire awareness across Liberia, with emphasis on the importance of fire protective equipment (s), and the risks and dangers attached to it.

The Justice Minister assured the government’s commitment in working with the National Fire Service and making affordable to them the needed and necessary budgetary allotments.

Addressing the occasion as its proxy Keynote Speaker, Liberia’s Deputy Finance Minister for Fiscal Affairs, Samora P. Z. Wolokollie hailed the Fire Service for it’s effectiveness through saving lives and protecting properties while characterizing the training of the firefighters as a significant milestone for national government.

Min. Wolokollie urged the cadets to exhibit attitudes of commitment, passion and dedication for their job, as their roles and responsibilities remain cardinal to the nation and its people.

He re-echoed the significance of ethical and respectable working relationship with the graduates and their Bosses at their various assigned areas, while considering their work ethics.

The Deputy Finance Minister however assured the modernization of the Liberia National Fire and Rescue Service, through the Weah led Pro poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development.

He further noted the government has a very strong desire towards exercising concrete steps aimed at improving the workings of the entity (LNFRS), through logistical, financial and other intrinsic means.

The Liberia National Fire Service, formerly a brigade with nomenclature of Monrovia Municipal Fire Brigade was transformed by an act of legislation in October 1963 under the Ministry of Justice.

The Bureau under the Public Safety Legislation has the oversight responsibility to save lives and protect properties from fire destruction, and to regulate all fire safety programs in the country with emphasis on fire prevention.

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