Findley Falls Prey to Nyonblee in Senate Protempore Election?

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia-January 14,2024: With less than 24hrs to the formal elections of the Liberian Senate, reports from major indications show that Gbehzohngar Findley would lose the Pro-Tempore position to his counterpart Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence. The two contenders are Grand Bassa County’s senators in the Liberian Senate. According to reliable sources, 24 Senators have so far signed a resolution to elect Nyonblee as Pro-Tempore of the 55th National Legislature.

The position which has been vigorously negotiated by incoming Vice President Jeremiah Kpan Koung and current Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chie to have a white ballot elections in favor of Nyonblee seem to get favorable weight in the dying minutes. Even though Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence May not be elected on a white ballot but the senate consensus led by the duo Senate heads puts her in a favorable lead to becoming the next and second female Pro-Tempore in post conflict Liberia.

Reliable sources within the Findley block have consented to defeat ahead of the elections on Monday January 15,2024.

Senator Augustine Chea of Sinoe, a staunch supporter of Gbehzohngar Findley Pro-Tempore bid posted recently via his official Facebook page confirming to defeat of his candidate ahead of the formal process.

Senator Augustine Chea Wrote “We’ve lost the race for President Pro Tempore. Our candidate didn’t make it to the finish line. Even the party’s loyal Senators that stayed the course until late Saturday afternoon when the Resolution of the Senate Retreat was signed by 17 Senators in support of the other candidate, surrendered when we realized we’ve been conquered or that with or without us, the deal was done”.

The Lawmaker attributed their presumptive defeat to the choice of candidate or timeline in which they enter the political race.

“But adding insult to injury was the fact that some of the independent Senators we depended on abandoned us, probably because of our choice of candidate and/or the failure to reach out to them early”, Sen. Chea.

He continues that Monday as supposed to be elections by the constitution of Liberia will be a mere formality in the elections of a Pro-Tempore for the 55th National Legislature.

“Next Monday’s Senate President Pro Tempore election will be a mere formality. Senator Karnga-Lawrence will become the next President Pro Tempore”.

Recently, the Liberian Senate held a retreat at the Farmington Hotel to conclude negotiations on the pending elections and key positions on various committee in the Senate. The consensus put forth was all elected Lawmakers to support Grand Bassa Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence on a white ballot since she is an alliance of the incoming government and to also promote gender equality and the participation of women into higher leadership positions.

The agreement however, didn’t materialize during the course of the retreat as Gbehzohngar Findlay of Grand Bassa put forth his intention to contest the post on the ticket of the ruling Coliation for Democratic Change (CDC).

This action led to the creation of two major blocks on Saturday at Farmington Hotel with lawmakers leaving distress.

Meanwhile, the political fight between Gbehzohngar and Nyonblee has been a continuous process which is always an unfortunate situation for Gbehzohngar Findley.

A few instances to name are: 2014, 2020, and 2023 presidential run of elections in Liberia.

In 2014, Nyonblee supported the electoral bid of Johnathan Kaipay in which Gbehzohngar lost his senatorial seat to Kaipay.

In 2020, the former Senator (Gbehzohngar) contested the senatorial seat against Nyonblee whom was vying for reelection into the Liberian Senate. The tough provoking senatorial race concluded in favor of Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence making her a second term Senator and first female from the County of Bassa.

Furthermore, in 2023 presidential Run-off elections, Nyonblee served as an alliance to the Unity Party and victoriously delivered the county of Bassa to President elect Joseph Boakai bid against Gbehzohngar Findlay who supported the ruling Coliation for Democratic Change in President George Mannah Weah.

Howbeit, the Senate Pro-Tempore elections scheduled for January 15, 2024 is another fight to build up Gbehzohngar strength against Nyonblee or retain and double up his defeats against the female lawmaker.

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