Liberia: The National Commission on Disabilities recently launched a five hundred thousand United States Dollar (US$500,000) Empowerment program aimed at getting people living with Disabilities off the streets in Liberia.

People living with disabilities are usually seen at Street corners especially in Monrovia and parts of the country begging for handouts to enable them feed their family (ies). Begging at supermarkets, Street corners and going to politicans homes as well as other proponent Liberias have become the way of life and sources of income to sustain their children

Virtually impaired people are usually being escorted by their under aged children to various locations to source money and sometimes for food items for their daily sustainability.

The Commission head made a commitment during her confirmation that amongst her top priorities will be ensure people living with Disabilities in Liberia lives dignified, values are restored and off the streets.

During the official launch of the Empowerment scheme, the Executive Director, Ambassador Daintowon Domah Pay-Bayee said the Government of Liberia has already made available Two hundred fifty thousand United States dollars ($250,000USD) as an initial amount to begin the program.

According to PayBayee, the project will not affect every person currently living with disability at the same time, but assured her community that the Commission will work constructively based on recommendations from its members.

The NCD boss lauded President George Weah for welcoming constructive criticisms in the interest of persons living with disabilities.

Ambassador Pay-Bayee has at the same time admonished members of the Commission to take advantage of the tuition free education at the University of Liberia.

According to Pay-Bayee, people living with Disabilities can make a difference in society despite their condition, if obtaining advanced education in and outside of Liberia.

Also giving an overview of the program, the NCD Deputy Director General for Administrative, Fallah Boima said the amount of US$600,000 was allocated in the national budget for 2022 Fiscal Year.

He added that US$500,000 was apportioned from the total budget to empower people living with disability across the country, stressing that it is half of the US$500,000 that national government has made available for the project.

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