Monrovia-WTVNEWS: It has been three (3) since TalkShow Host Henry Costa fled the country after being targeted as a fugitive and his station, Roots FM radio materials siezed by the courts and put off the air. It was alleged that Costa Forged his travel document and other information.

Years after, Costa appeared on a podcast earlier this week, Informing his Supporters’about a telephone call with Pres. George Weah assuring his safety back home and continuance of his radio station business. Costa rained praises on the Liberian Leader for what he called ‘Magnanimity’ on him (Costa) as a strong critic of the Government.

Less than 48hrs of the telephone call revelation with the President, the Ministry of Justice issued a press statement officially dropping all charges against Costa and assured him freedom and security to return home anytime.

The Justice Ministry release however signaled Mr. Costa that the seizure of his broadcast equipment through the appropriate court process was due his willful and deliberate violation of the constitutional freedom of expression, and therefore calls on him to use the presidential olive branch of peace to live and operate within confines of the law by upgrading the standards of his advocacy beyond the borders of recrimination and misinformation for the progressive development of the country.

The olive branch of peace provides Mr. Costa legal authorization to return to Liberia and exercise his normal and legal duties as a Liberian, and live freely like any other citizen.

“That in line with the President’s olive branch of peace, all criminal charges including but not limited to any and all formal criminal investigations against Mr. Costa are hereby dropped, and Mr. Costa is free, like any other Liberian citizen, to return home anytime he wishes”.

However, in easing curiosities about the equipment and having handed over to Mr Costa, Justice Minister Cllr. Frank Musa Dean Jr. has further mandated the Department of Prosecution to work with the court and ensure that Mr. Costa get back his broadcast equipment which was seized upon orders of the court based on an application made by the Liberian State.

The Justice Ministry release further noted that concerns about acquiring and operating a radio frequency, squarely lies within the operational provinces of other agencies of the Liberian government, which, as part of their own statutory rules, procedures and responsibilities have put in place the requisite requirements and processes on radio frequencies acquisitions and managements by individuals and institutions.

Meanwhile, Mr Coasta in a Facebook post late Thursday, hailed the Weah led administration for its step, stressing that it’s a swift fulfillment of the President’s promise.

He however described the government’s decision as a major victory for democracy, and further vowed to continue his advocacy.”To my dear supporters, this is a major victory for us and for democracy. We shall continue to advocate for you and fight for a better Liberia for us all”. Costa noted.

Costa organized series of protests against the current administration for he termed as wide spread corruption, nepotism and mismanagement of resources. The famous June 7, protest is one of several that took the Government off its feet with thousands of Liberians taking to the streets and demanding “Save the State” campaign.

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