CONTEMPT Charge Hangs Over APM Terminals!-For Gross Disrespect to Senate’s Committee on Labor

By: Staff Writer

Liberia-October 12, 2020-WTVNEWS: The Liberian Senate, Monday. October 12, 2020, held APM Terminal under contempt charge for what they termed as gross respect and disregard to the Senate’s Committee on Labor and in extension the Liberian people they represent.

It was also established that during an interaction with APM Terminal Management from a communication highlighted by Sinoe County Senator, Milton Teahjay on allegations of bad labor practices and illegal suspension of staff which he said is inhumane to the Staffers and contravene the Labor Law of Liberia.

Presenting the Senate’s position following the hearing with the Management of APM Terminals, Senate Pro- Tempore Albert Chie indicated that it was established by Plenary that the APM Terminals was disrespectful to members of the Committee on Labor of the senate and the entire plenary. Hearing into a complaint filed by workers of the APM Terminal on alleged bad labor practices reportedly some months ago.

The Senate Protemp position also added that the lawyer of the APM Terminal entered into verbal attacks with Senator Paye who is a member of the labor committee.

Responding, APM Terminals Management admitted and apologized for the outburst of its lawyer but argued that Senator Paye was disrespectful to the APM Terminal Counsel, something the plenary described as gross disrespect to that body.

Senator Protemp Chie said the plenary will on this Wednesday institute public sanction on the APM terminal while mandating them to remain under oath, Meanwhile, several senators who spoke on the Senate’s floor expressed anger over the APM Terminals action to disrespect the Liberian Senate. They called on the body to institute a punitive action against the management for further deterrence.

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