By: Jerromie S. Walters

Sinkor, Liberia: The Executive Director of Sherah Women initiative, a local NGO operating in Liberia, has stressed the need for the Castration of rapists in Liberia in order to minimize rape related occurrences across the country.

Mrs. Miatta Jarry made the disclosure over the weekend, at the institution’s sexual and Gender based violence awareness and fashion show, at Royal Grand Hotel in Sinkor, Monrovia.

Miatta indicated that her call for castration of rapists is to avoid the reoccurrences of men raping little children, “especially child rapists, we don’t think jail term is not enough, we are asking for castration, it’s harsh, but what they are doing is harsher, it’s harder on children, it’s almost like a murder if you rape a three (3) year old child”.

Miatta said though there are existing laws against SGBV, the need for more harsher laws to castrate rapists is crucial, as it remains a paramount reason why radical approaches toward SGBV seem unnoticed. “Yes we have laws that will protect our children, but we need harsher laws when it comes to raping children, we want something harsher that will prevent people from doing it because now the jail time is not anything to stop them so they keep doing it,” she intruded.

At the same time, Miatta called on the National Legislature to enact punishable measures for parents that might be caught in attempt to compromising rape and other SGBV related issues. “we want them to put in place some measures against parents and guardians who covering up rape, they are aware, and they do it family way, let them also be punished, not only the perpetrators”, she said.

She encouraged parents and guardians to avoid compromising rape and violence related issues, noting that it should be reported to avoid it being repeated

For her part, famous Liberian SGBV activist, Mrs. Ne-Suah M. B. Livingstone, while in a panel discussion, stressed the need for parents to make themselves available to their children, in order to know issues that affect them.

Nesuah said rape as a dreadful nightmare requires the efforts of everyone in jointly combating it. “We need to take the message to the market, schools, etc, it’s something that involves everyone”, she stressed.

She said the recent wave of rape is abnormal, as such, parents are to be more effective as to how they take care of their children, noting that the fight to protect a child, starts from the home.

She also encouraged parents to be skeptical as to who they entrust their kids with, especially considering the recent wave of rape which has often been masterminded by those in close proximity with the victims or survival.

Sherah Women initiative
sexual and Gender based violence awareness and fashion show, showcased kids fashion modeling with various messages against Sexual and Gender based violence, super models dance, drama, and jokes.

It was intrinsically held to raise awareness and call on government’s attention to the recent increasing wave of sexual and Gender based violence issues across Liberia.

Sherah Women initiative is deeply involved in advocacy and other activities, including mentoring, women empowerment, and high school programs. The NGO’s super young models are used to promote their kids clothing, and create awareness on sexual and Gender based violence.

Rape is a non-bailable offense under the current Rape Law of Liberia with perpetrators having no access to parole while serving his/her term in prison.

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