Montserrado -July28,2023-WTVNEWS: With just few days to the official opening of campaign leading to the October 10, 2023 elections, the Standard Bearer of the African Liberation League Rev. Sara Beysolow Nyanti has unveiled her running mate.

Rev. Nyanti lifted the hands of Simeon M. Moribah as her Vice Running Mate.

The African Liberation League Head who described Mr. Moribah as “unselfish man” indicated that her political party is not in search of politician but rather a developmental oriented personality that possesses the characteristics of the party’s vision.

Unveiling her running mate at an official rally on Friday July 28, 2023 in battery factory, she told supporters that with help of Mr. Moribah, they can build Liberia due to the expertise he has in the developmental sector.

“A very unselfish man, African Liberation League did not look for politicians, African Liberation League look for people who have solved developmental issues, people who have led developmental programs, the people said the politicians have failed them, it’s time for development experts to take and bring some relive to our people, that is why Simeon Moribah has been identified” she said.

Rev. Nyanti added “On this day I unveil to you people of Liberia, Africa and the world that Hon. Simeon Moribah is the Deputy Standard Bearer for African Liberation League, he and I including others will work to build a better.”

According to ALL Standard Bearer, her party envisioned nation building and poverty reduction which requires people who have worked in the development sector in order to solve the developmental needs of the country.

“Our party message clear, poverty reduction and nation building, it is all about developing our country, and we will need people who know it to do it and not just people who will talk about it, but people who have done it before” Rev. Nyanti emphasized.

Accepting the stewardship from the party’s leader, Mr. Simeon Moribah cautioned Liberians to make the best choice in the upcoming elections by voting to power the African Liberation League; noting, that it is the best alternative that can deliver the developmental needs of Liberians.

He told citizens that ALL intends to transform and redeem Liberia from past political struggles and hardships. According to Moribah, the African Liberation League carries a new mission and vision that is lacking in other candidates.
“What we want to do is to make sure Liberia is redeem and transform, let us decide as a country and as a people what we can do it, Why are we the way we are when other country right in Africa are doing better? this is why we are bringing a face that our people can trust, the choice of where our country goes from here lies in your hands, make the choice and make Liberia better” Moribah asserted.

He further told partisans that even though it has been widely spread that the party came late in the electoral race, but there is still time for constituents to make better choices as change is inevitable “People say we are late, but we have not voted, you must decide whether we are late or not, you cannot be doing the same thing repeatedly and expect different results.”

However, speaking on behalf of the women, Madam Gladys N. Jackson of Topoe village Community cautioned the African Liberation League team to transform Liberia as they are saying, nothing, that others have said the same and failed to perform upon obtaining power, “We want your to do more than that, don’t come and act like the other people, because when we put them there they can’t do what they promised us”

Also speaking on behalf of the Christian Community in Topoe village, Rev. Samuel Kanimah assured madam Nyanti and her team of their support both spiritually and physically. “I pray that God strengthen you on this journey, we stand with you in prayers and will make ourselves available whenever you need us”.

Meanwhile, Ali Kaba of the Muslim Community appreciated madam Beysolow and her team for the decisions taken and pledged the community support towards their bid. “From the Muslim Community we say thank you, We here with you. We pray that Allah protects you and your team in these elections”.

Simeon Moribah is a trained economist and a retiree of the United Nations in Liberia.

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