Liberia- The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) has alarmed over alleged attempt by eminent members of the Soul Clinic Community to destroy, conceal evidence and compromise the reported rape case involving a 3 year old girl among the families.

AFELL in a release expressed dismay over the information which they claimed was disclosed by the grandmother and aunt of the victim, following a visit at the one stop shop center on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

The tragedy surrounding the reported assault involving a 3 year old manor occurred on Friday, February 25th 2022, in Soul Clinic Community, which is reported to have been committed by a seventeen (17) year old boy (neighbor) Kwesi Johnson.

The group strongly warned members of the Soul Clinic Community and/or any other associates, to avoid illegally interfering in the investigation or attempting to compromise the case.

“Anyone found interfering or intervening for a compromise of the case will be held for Obstruction of Justice, which is in violation of the relevant provisions of the Penal Law of Liberia. AFELL promises to join the Government and the Private Prosecutrix in investigating and gathering of evidence for prosecution,” the release revealed.

It has also been established by the group thatthe victim was placed in the General Ward of the Clinic with an adult male patient, while efforts to contact the administration to ensure that the child was placed in the pediatric ward was unsuccessful.

They called on the One Stop Shop Center Administration to ensure the availability of an appropriate ward for the Survivor, in order to preserve her dignity. “AFELL calls on the Hope for Women Hospital administration to kindly transfer the child to the appropriate ward of the clinic to preserve her dignity”.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the Survivor has been bleeding severely since the incident over the weekend.

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