“You Are The Backbone of Our Nation” Pro-Temp. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence Applauds Civil Servants

By Lazota Bility

Liberia: The president Pro- Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Hon Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence has applauded the civil servants of Liberia for their resilience and dedication within public institutions across the country.

Speaking during the celebration of the public service day in Monrovia, Senate Pro-Tempt Lawrence described civil servants as the backbone progress of the country; underscoring the importance of civil servants in every society.

“Lack of enough financial resources which make it difficult for civil servants to operate very well and it affects everything from health care to education, security and transportation” she said.

However, Senator Lawrence reaffirmed the Government of Liberia’s commitment to civil servants to combat the many challenges they face through an improve working environment.

“I stand here today to pledge that this government will change the narrative and improved service delivery. Our work force will have the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt knew development to ensure a better working Relationship
We must straighten our commitment to Transparency , Accountability and Ethical Conducts in all public services operation by doing so we can build a Strong Public Service ” she added.

Also Speaking, Speaker of the 55th House of Representatives, Cllr. J. Fonatti Koffa encourage and congratulated civil servants for the services they continue to render to the country and its people.

“I’m happy and I want to say to all of you congratulations and keep up the great work and know that what you put in is what you get out”.

For his part, the Secretary of the Ruling Unity Party and Director General of Lberia Petrolium Refining Company, Amos Tweh urged civil servants to continually uphold high morals and ethical standards while discharging their duties.

“As part of the Cooperate Partner we are here to give our support always in making sure the civil service organization of Liberia is depoliticize ” he added.

The Public Service Day 2024 Celebration
serves as a profound reminder of the dedication, integrity and hard work that defines public services, recognizing the vital contributions of public servants who work tirelessly to ensure the effective functioning of government and the delivery of essential services to citizens.

This day was initiated by the African Union who adopted a resolution declaring June 23 of each year as African Public Service Day to be celebrated by member states in recognition of the value and virtue of public servant.

The day was declared by the president of Liberia Joseph Nyumah Boakai Sr to be observed on June 24, 2024 throughout the Republic as a Working Holidays
calling on government ministries, agencies and international organizations concerned to join the Civil Service Agency in executing appropriate program befitting the occasion.

This year occasion is celebrated under the Global theme ” Fostering innovation amid Global Challenges a public Sector perspective” with the National Theme ” Championing Resilience in public Service through Innovation and Nationalism”.

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