“We Will Rescue Liberia No Matter What”,Opposition Unity Party Political Leader Joseph Nyuma Boakai

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia -January 19,2023: Just three days after Noble Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee called on the Political Leader of the opposition Unity Party Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai to retire politics and focus on his health, Amb Boakai boasts of his physical fitness to readily lead Liberia as President for the next six (6) years.

Amb. Boakai made the statement Thursday, January 19, 2023, when he received endorsement from dozen of disenchanted CDCians who crossed over to the Unity Party.

During the endorsement ceremony, Amb Boakai encouraged Liberians never loose hope in Liberia, stating that it is his obligation to save the country.
“In the name of the God, we serve we will rescue your future. Their wishes and thoughts gonna do nothing, we will rescue our future. I don’t care whether you insult, whether you go on, I don’t care! We will make sure this country is free. We will rescue Liberia no matter what”, the UP Political Leader Amb Joseph Boakai noted.

He then promised partisans that when elected as President in October 2023, Liberia will have a brand new future in three years time. “I live in a country where people complain, when you complain, complain, and complain people go. Schools are not working, lecturers going to school and facilities are not there but people are playing with money all over. They deprived everybody, our women go to the market and nothing. You will go take goods from China and time to sell it they block the place one week, one month you can’t sell. I tell you that three years after these people have gone there will be a new Liberia. We will begin to save Liberia; it’s not about me, I don’t need to do this but it’s our job to make sure you have a future”.

Meanwhile, disenchanted cdcians presented their endorsement statement to UP Standard Bearer. Outlining reasons for the crossover, the group noted that the Weahled administration has failed them in actualizing promises to the Liberian people.

They named economic challenge, failure to provide one million jobs to young people of Liberia, alleged secret killings and increase in sexual gender based violence as reasons of eradicating their membership with the ruling Coliation for Democratic Change (CDC). “We Cdcians are disenchanted, frustrated and betrayed. If anyone had brought diamond to us in 2017 to vote someone else for Presidency we would not have done it because our minds were made up to make George Weah President of Liberia. We voted him with all our hearts and soul because we felt that he was going to bring change for the young people of this country but everything went contrary so today we the disenchanted Cdcians have decided to join the Unity Party because we want to think Liberia, love Liberia and build Liberia”, Cyrus Lawrence, Chairman of the Disenchanted Cdcians now Unity Party members.

However, the UP Standard Bearer Amb. Boakai accepted the crossover Cdcians, and encouraged them to freely engage the party’s activities and mobilize other Cdcians to join the UP.

Meanwhile, there have been several calls from citizens and patriots for a united opposition if Pres. Weah must be defeated in October this year. In 2018, the three opposition political parties came together under one umbrella to collaborate and work in the of the citizenry. Unity Party, Liberty Party and Alternative National Congress collaborated and produced a single candidate in each county in 2020 during the Special Senatorial Elections. Of the candidates provided, 95% were overwhelmingly voted during the midterm elections, giving red flag to the CDC led government.

In 2021, the Collaborating Political Parties came under a serious political misunderstanding leaving them to dis-unite and work individually.
As it stands, it is unclear as to whether these parties will re-unite before the October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections.

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